Daily Website Backup & Restoration

Automatic Daily Website Backup & Restoration

With Orange Soft BD Automated Website Backup, you can protect both you and your website. Be at reasonably sure that your information is always safe, secure, and recoverable. We provide daily backups and one-click restore, so you never have to worry about losing data again while dealing with website crises like server crashes, human mistake, or hacking.

It can be difficult to ensure the continuity of your online business. Having the ability to quickly restore a fresh, functional copy of your website files in the event of a web admin code error, an online threat attack, or even a hosting server crash will provide you the piece of mind you need. Orange Soft BD Web Backup gives you the control, flexibility, and dependability that more than 1 million other websites have benefited from, with a variety of user choices including automatically scheduling backup & restoration or manually recovering specific files and folders.

Following Benefits Website Backup Features


Before you even realize it is there, MalwareGone automatically removes malware from your website.

WP Plugin Updates Automatically

We automatically update your plugins so you don’t have to! And we roll it back if the update doesn’t function properly.

Website Transfer

The days of difficult website moves and migrations are over! Use our user-friendly migration solution.

Servers for Staging

Before sending an outdated website into production, it must be tested. Any site may be quickly tested.

Email Backup

Are you worried that all of your emails might vanish? Utilize our APIs to provide email backup for you or your clients.

Fully Functional API

Want to provide your clients a unique backup experience? or effortlessly add functionality to your user interface?

Always Be Ready for Everything

Pay a minimal annual subscription to protect yourself from any data disaster, no matter how big or small. Automated. Your mission-critical data, like as websites, databases, and emails, are automatically backed up each day at the domain level with Orange Soft BD Automated Website Backup (with a maximum storage capacity of 50GB).

Powerful. Enjoy top-notch defense against lost or damaged website or database files and quick recovery. In case you accidentally overwrite the wrong web file, keep up to seven restore points (earlier versions).

Simple. You won’t need to set up local or remote off-site storage for your files, perform manual backups, or keep track of version history. All of this is taken care of by Orange Soft BD Automated Website Backup. From your Orange Soft BD Automated Website Backup Control Panel, you can easily manage anything.

Always Be Ready for Everything
Website Backup Automation

Website Backup Automation

1. Automatic Backup

Choose your planned backup frequency from daily to four times per day using a variety of options, such as FTP/SFTP/FTPS file backup, MySQL/MSSQL database backup, and WP plugin. Every backup is recorded, tracked, and guaranteed.

2. Integrated Security

Prior to every backup, website scanning, patching, and removal can be carried out automatically. 256-bit AES encryption safeguards all data, guaranteeing that website files and databases are clean both when they are stored and recovered.

3. Download & Restore in One Click

Mistakes do occur. Having quick local access to your data at any time with one-click download and limitless restore saves time and heartache. It has never been quicker or more dependable to fully repair websites.

Choose Backup Storage Price Plan

TK.400 /Per Month
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Upto 5 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Automatic Backup Every 5 Days
  • On Demand Backups
  • 5 Zip File Downloads Per Month
  • 3 Full Website Restores Per Month
  • 5 Individual File Restores Per Month
TK.700 /Per Month
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • Upto 10 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • On Demand Backups
  • Unlimited Zip File Downloads
  • Unlimited Full Website Restores
  • Unlimited Individual File Restores
TK.1000 /Per Month
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • Upto 25 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • On Demand Backups
  • Unlimited Zip File Downloads
  • Unlimited Full Website Restores
  • Unlimited Individual File Restores
TK.1500 /Per Month
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • Upto 100 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • On Demand Backups
  • Unlimited Zip File Downloads
  • Unlimited Full Website Restores
  • Unlimited Individual File Restores

Frequently Asked Questions For Website Backup

Where Are Backups Stored?

Backups are kept in the industry-leading resilience and redundancy of Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System.

Do You Backup Databases?

Databases can, in fact, be backed up as well. The databases MSSQL and MySQL both offer database backups.

What is File Change Alert Monitoring?

Orange Soft BD can keep track of modifications to your website and send you an email to warn you to any malware or new risks.

What if I Run Out of Storage?

Changing your plan is simple! Through our client area, you can easily upgrade and extend your disk storage allowance.

How Does It Work?

Daily automated snapshots of your website are taken by Orange Soft BD. You may always restore an individual file or your complete site to a previous version using these snapshots.

What Happens if My Site Gets Infected?

If your website is hacked, Orange Soft BD’s daily snapshots allow you to quickly roll back to an earlier, clean version.

You may need more space than what is offered by your Orange Soft BD Automated Website Backup service if your website has a large number of large files, such pictures or videos.