Com Domain Price in BD – A Complete Guide To Get Your Domain

Com Domain Price in BD – A Complete Guide To Get Your Domain

Do you want to purchase a .com domain? Do you have any idea about the com domain price in bd? If your answer is no then you need not be worried. We are here to guide you to the right path. In the Bangladesh domain, there are so many domain services providers such as, GoDaddy, blue host, HostGator, HOSTINGER, SQUARESPACE, network solutions,, Namecheap, and more. .com domain extension is a top-level domain around the world. People across the world use .com domain extensions for their business purpose. This extension is enough safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

The History Of The Com Domain Extension

.com domain extension is the top-level domain. It is a short form of the word “commercial”. Nearly 150 million users use this top-level domain extension for their business purpose. We are much more introduced to this extension name than other extensions. On March 15, 1985, a computer manufacturer called Symbolics, Inc first claimed this extension. It is a domain name that the customer searches online for any kind of branding product.

Generally, the public recognizes the .com domain most comparing other disciplines. Most businessmen like to have a .com domain because it is a highly recognized business suits domain on the internet. You will be surprised to know that google loves this domain because it is the oldest and largest domain name.

The first .com name is, registered on March 15, 1985. It is so shocking that only 5 others joined that year. First introduced on January 1, 1985. It is good for us that domain rules are not so strict and they can be used by anyone or any person. The domain .com is controlled by the Verisign registry. .com is ideal for SEO as its ranks well internationally.

The astonishing news is that is sold for $30 million and is considered the most expensive domain.


.com domain price in bd

Com Domain Price in BD

At this point, we will try to present .com domain price providers in Bangladesh. You will choose the provider according to your budget.

Orangesoftbd = 1250 tk

GoDaddy = 0,99 €

Namecheap = $6.98

Web Host BD = 999 tk

HOSTSEBA = 949 tk

Hostever = $ 11.10

Cosmotown = $ 7.77

Serverbd = 799 tk

eHostBD = 900 tk

Extreme solutions = 1300 tk

DHAKA WEB HOST = 1200 tk

Xeonbd = 1399 tk

Alpha Net = 1270 tk

GREENWEB = 1250 tk

HostMight = 950 tk

oneHost = $13.00

BLACK HOST BD = 1250 tk ( per year)

Note: Mentioned com domain price in bd is for the year of registration. Renewal and transfer domains charge are different from the year of registration.

Advantages Of The Com Domain price in BD  

  • Face Value

The .com domain is the oldest and largest top-level domain. People across the world are more heard about the .com domain than other domains. For example, if you have a company or brand people will search them with .com at the end. This reveals the popularity of the .com domain.

  • SEO Friendly

In regard to SEO, the com domain ranks higher almost at the top. This domain is not for a particular location rather it is universal. Consumers often rely on the .com domain and feel secure and desirable to look at this domain extension.

  • Approachability

If you want to choose a domain extension for your website, you can select the .com domain as it is the most familiar domain name. Though at first it was used for only commercial purposes at present time it can be used for general purposes.

Disadvantages Of The Com Domain in BD

  • Too much commercial

If your site is not for commercial purposes. Moreover, if you have another type of non-profit organization, religious organization, government organization, activist group and so on com domain extension is not suitable for you. Everything has its pros and cons. So like everything else, this .com domain has some drawbacks but they are relatively fewer.


So, it’s your choice which domain name is suitable for your website. For your convenience, We have highlighted the domain com price in BD from various domain providers. In this case, we can suggest you purchase your preferable domain name from our reliable, trustworthy domain hosting service company As we provide cheap and reasonable domain registration, it will be budget friendly for your site.

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