.Com Domain Price in BD

.Com Domain Price in BD

Best.Com Domain Registration Company in Bangladesh

The best place to go if you’re looking to buy a .com domain in Bangladesh is Orange Soft BD. We provide.com domains at the lowest prices in Bangladesh. There is no cheaper com domain than ours available in Bangladesh. The time is now to register a domain and launch your company’s online presence.


We promptly provide .com domain registration services. The longest you will have to wait is that long. You’ll have access to the domain once you’ve paid. The best web hosting company in Bangladesh is Orange Soft BD.

What Purpose Does THIS Domain Extension Serve?

The popularity of the.com domain has increased since its launch. There was a purpose behind this extension when Google’s parent company Alphabet began using it. The website address abc.com stands for Alphabet.

If your company provides any services that include all of the connected services, you can use this domain extension for your website. One of the top examples of this domain extension is Bangladesh. They offer a range of assistance-related services under the.com domain. The price of this domain in Bangladesh is 99 Tk (only on Orange Soft BD).

It is possible to Purchase .com Domain Names?

It’s a normal response. It’s quite normal. It is sensible. The name “.com” is short and simple, and it’s used frequently all over the world. The fact that.com is composed of three letters, like other well-known extensions like.com ,.net, and.org, gives the imaginative new addition a familiar feel. Domain names conclude with.com, just as the alphabet does.

Any usage of.com is permitted. .com domains are affordable, instantly recognizable, and adaptable. It is aimed at small businesses of all sizes, bloggers, retailers, and artists. Businesses should use.com if they want a shorter version of their URL, want to run campaigns and microsites, or just want to change up their image. Users from all around the world can register.com domain names and reach their target audience because is a universal extension.

What Makes a .com Domain Desirable?

The domain extension.com is a wonderful choice for a number of factors. Your business can benefit from a variety of its advantages. Like most widely used generic domain extensions, the .com domain is composed of three letters, but these three letters are special because they play on the final letter of the alphabet, allowing domains registered under.com to be used for anything from A to Z. What’s more, It can still be registered for a fair price.

“.com” Has No Established or Initial Intended Usage

Every time a TLD or gTLD is formed, it is done so with a specific intent and purpose in mind. When the top-level domains.com ,.net, and.org were created, they were designed for websites that fall under a particular category.

  1. com was created for commercial organizations and companies.
  2. The term “net” was created to denote online networks.
  3. org was made with non-profits and other similar organizations in mind.
  4. For educational institutions, Edu was created.

There you have it, then. A.com domain extension has no limits or limitations, as was previously said. A niche-based gTLD will also prevent your company from being labeled. Like.com, your website has endless power and potential.

The Most Significant 3 Benefits of this domain Extension


1. .com domains don’t have a geographical restriction

Numerous new gTLDs have geographical restrictions. Others can only be utilized in certain locations and have a regional link. Examples of country-specific gTLDs include. eu,.co.uk, UK, cologne, and. car. This is not true for domain names with the.com extension. Your domain is actually global and cross-generational. It is therefore perfect for companies, independent contractors, eCommerce websites, blogs, and much more. Regardless of your theme, project, or field, a.com contains everything from A to Z.

2. There is no sector-specificity to it

When you contrast the domain with other sector-specific gTLDs, you’ll see that it has a lot of flexibility and potential uses. The use of specific industry-specific gTLDs, such as. digital and. photography is restricted to websites that fall within those headings.

Additionally, the domain suffix.com is short, memorable, and easy to remember, which makes it a possible competitor for more conventional generic extensions like .net, and.org.

3. Registrants are not restricted

With the.com domain extension, there are no limitations on the registration of new domain names. Finalizing.com domains are possible from anywhere in the world. This is because this is not geographically restricted. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use this domain for any purpose, whether they are an individual, a small business, or a large corporation.

Why is .com So Affordable?

Not as well-known as the .com domains extension is the .com domains extension. It came out in June 2014. So, in an effort to boost sales, they are providing a low price.

What Is Better to Have a.com or com Domain Extension?

I’ll tell you that.com is a commercial domain name extension that’s simple to remember because the majority of people are accustomed to using it if you’re having problems choosing a domain name extension. You don’t need to worry about the cost. In Bangladesh, this can be purchased for 699 to 1000 TK.

On the other hand, although the .com domains name extension was released earlier in 2014, People are not accustomed to using it. However, you should employ this if your company provides a wide range of services. Take 99.com as an example. The domain name, which says “get anything for 99 tk,” may be seen.


This article has information on the cost of .com domains in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Orange Soft BD provides affordable .com domain registration, renewal, and transfer pricing. Contact us soon


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