Computer Repair & Maintenance Services in Bangladesh

Our computer repair services and Maintenance service customized as per the requirement of our valuable clients. Our company goal is not only to repair computers and maintenance, but also to educate our customers on how to become energetic against computer troubles in the first place to lessen the future incidents. We have professional software and hardware-networking expert team to take care of our Annual Maintenance Contract service. All of our computer repair Annual Maintenance Contract Plan comes with very cost effective price which will suit the budget of our client. So please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact Orange Soft BD for the best Annual Maintenance Contract Plan that suites your requirement and budget.

Computer Repair Services in Bangladesh

Laptop Repair Service in Bangladesh

Laptop not working? do not worry! Our extremely consummate, friendly portable computer repair consultants can bring your portable computer back to life. At Orange Soft BD, we tend to diagnose and repair all portable computer problems, from straightforward fixes at nonpareil low costs to advanced recoveries completed at competitive hourly rates.

Desktop Repair Service in Bangladesh

Our computer repair services are obtainable to anyone anyplace in Bangladesh At Orange Soft BD, We’re fast, we’re skilled, and we’re convenient. you’ll come back to us, or we’ll come back to you. thus you’ll ne’er have to be compelled to watch for associate degree pressing desktop repair service in Bangladesh.

Hardware Repair Services in Bangladesh

If your pc isn’t playing as you are feeling it ought to, we will facilitate. Symptoms like screen freezes, abnormal shut-downs, blue-screen errors, and file corruption are caused by failing hardware (computer components).

Our friendly and practiced technicians will diagnose the reason for your troubled system and repair the matter. this could embrace replacement elements and/or computer code repairs like package repair or re-installation. If your system is older in years and you’re involved concerning the value of repair, rest simple as we tend to area unit too. we are going to be the primary to advise you if we tend to believe that your system isn’t well worth the price of repair.

Following the designation, we are going to quote you on the value of repair and so the choice is yours. atiny low designation fee can apply must you decide to not act with a repair. Our designation fee seldom exceeds $50. we tend to wave our designation fee’s if repairs proceed.

Examples of hardware repairs Services include:

  • Power Supply Replacement (desktop systems)
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement*
  • Power Jack Replacement* (Laptops)
  • Memory Replacement
  • LCD Screen Replacement* (Laptops)
  • Keyboard Replacement* (Laptops)

More of Our Services We Offer for You:

  • Desktop PC Repair Service
  • Laptop Repair Services
  • Laptop/Desktop Repair Investigation
  • OS Maintenance & Networking

All in One Desktop Pc Repair Services in Bangladesh || The Best Repair Solution

Our trained service suppliers area unit trained to handle every kind of Desktop laptop issues and problems and area unit able to deliver the proper answer for your product. we offer each hardware and software system support for your Desktop laptop. The hardware support that’s delivered by use area unit putting in or upgrading your laptop parts, fixing the generation drawback with the parts, and grouping or commutation motherboard. we have a tendency to area unit able to perform any quiet network installation or configuration and check to find if there’s any error or issue with the network system. we have a tendency to additionally give you with creating or configuring server laptop and assemble and assemble any desired gambling portable computer of your selection. The software system services that we offer for your laptop area unit putting in all the specified software systems and additionally software systems that you simply need, fixing and reinstalling any backdated antivirus place them with the new one, repairing or reinstalling your software system and conducting system protection testing. we have a tendency to additionally give any style of network checking and supply the information recovery service. we have a tendency to additionally give pairing for every kind of brand name laptop.

If You Need Any of Our Computer Repair Services or You Have Any Queries Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us.