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While Orange Soft BD tends to many various aspects, we place the greatest importance—and focus the Servicing. We want our customers to be content with both us and our products. Therefore, offering our consumers various kinds of servicing is a top concern. We offer servicing for all the items we sell, including laptops, desktops, projectors, printers, monitors, UPS, cameras, and televisions. Each of the Categories is serviced by Orange Soft BD in a wide variety of ways. All of our service staff members have extensive training and experience to identify any issues with your product and provide you with an accurate description of what the issue is and why it is occurring.

Laptop & Notebook:

All issues relating to your laptop and notebook can be resolved at our service center. Our staff members have extensive training and expertise in laptop and notebook repair. We offer hardware and software support for the laptop or notebook that you need. We have a wide range of hardware support specializations. We are capable of resolving any power outages or charging issues. We also examine internal issues such a hanging laptop or notebook caused by an unstable BIOS, slow or crashed Windows, and even Windows installation if necessary. A laptop or notebook’s broken lid can also be fixed, and one or both of the broken hinges can be replaced with new metal or plastic hinges. We offer new display ribbons or plex cables for your display if there is any kind of display fault or if the display is dead. Additionally, we offer to upgrade or replace the motherboard, battery, display panel, HDD, SSD, M2 Card, RAM, and keyboard on your laptop or notebook. Finally, we fix all of your laptop or notebook’s components and problems, including overheating, cooling fan issues, USB port issues and replacements, charging port repairs, headphone port replacements, touch-pad issues, and speaker repairs or replacements, whether for one or both of your speakers. We also offer maintenance for all Apple products. We also offer maintenance for all Apple products. We are able to change or upgrade your Apple laptop and notebook in addition to fixing any hardware issues or O/S issues.

Desktop PC:

Our skilled service technicians can provide the best solution for your product and are qualified to handle all kinds of Desktop PC issues and problems. For your desktop PC, we offer hardware and software support. Our hardware support services include installing or upgrading your PC’s components, repairing component generation issues, and constructing or replacing motherboards. Any network installation or setup can be done by us, and we can also inspect the network system to see if there are any errors or problems. We can also build or configure a server computer for you, as well as assemble and set up any preferred gaming laptop. The software services we offer for your PC include installing all the necessary software as well as any additional programs you may desire, replacing any outdated antivirus software with a new one, repairing or reinstalling your operating system, and doing system security testing. We also offer data recovery services and any kind of network checking. We also offer servicing for PCs from any imaginable brand.


Projectors can be fixed at our service centers. We have the ability to repair any brand of projector. We offer servicing for projectors that address difficulties with the lamp, temperature, power and response, and LCD and DLP projector display issues.


We have skilled service personnel that are experts in solving problems and maintaining your printers. For issues including paper jamming and pulling, ink leakage, cartridge-drum setup, and issues with power and reaction, our service technicians can offer solutions.


The power port, the display in and output, the no display and response, and the display panel problem are the most frequent issues that arise with monitors. Our Orange Soft BD service team is well-equipped for any circumstances and can offer all the necessary answers for all these issues.


The hardest part is locating appropriate UPS service facilities and obtaining appropriate service for them. Both issues are resolved by the Orange Soft BD service center. All of the solutions to your UPS issues are available at our service centers, and the assistance you receive will undoubtedly meet your needs in terms of service. For issues with your UPS such as no power, improper charging, no backup, battery charging issues, a motherboard that is unresponsive, strange sounds coming from the UPS, fuse changes, power cable changes, and complete UPS body replacements, our service team can offer you answers. All of these issues and more can be resolved.


Cameras are extremely brittle and delicate products. The hardest part of fixing camera problems and troubles is finding the right remedy and correctly identifying the issue. Fortunately, our Orange Soft BD Service centers have staff members that are knowledgeable and skilled in working with cameras. You, our service recipients, have our word that Orange Soft BD will both give you the best answer and appropriately address any issues you may be experiencing.


The simplest task for our service centers is TV maintenance. For handling this specific product, our team has skilled service personnel. Our support staff is able to offer all of the solutions to your issues and provide you with the ideal outcome to meet your needs. The issues we handle with the most include LCD Horizontal and Vertical Line, LED Changing, and Display Panel Repair or Replacement.


“Customers are First” is our company motto. In every area of our services, we adhere to our motto. We want to please our clients and make sure they have a positive interaction with us. All of the parts and components that we offer are rigorously and fully inspected to make sure that there are no defects. We offer exceptional service to you, Our Customers, that you won’t find anyplace else. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself the high level of customer service we offer.