Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

This is the most popular and widely utilized type of website hosting. Shared Server Hosting, commonly known as web hosting, is the most affordable type of hosting, which explains its popularity. Multiple client accounts (messages and site data) are saved on the same server, and the server’s assets are shared under this sort of hosting. This isn’t just any computer; it’s a large, powerful machine capable of handling hundreds of requests. Orange Soft BD provides comprehensive shared web hosting alternatives, making it easier than ever to pick the right plan for your website. Orange Soft BD offers a variety of exceptional shared hosting plans with dedicated hosting assistance to handle all server maintenance and critical updates.

What Is the Cpanel and Why Do I Need It?

A control panel is cPanel. It is a popular web administration interface that allows users to easily manage their hosting accounts. It enables you to manage and control email accounts, domain extensions, and, if necessary, install new apps such as WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. It allows you to monitor and control your entire web hosting account.

What Are the Benefits of Shared Hosting for Businesses?

Committed Resources: In your Business Hosting, 1000 GB will be set aside for data transit and 100 GB for disk space. This is linked to your account, so you’ll always have access to these resources.

For increased efficiency, use the cPanel dashboard to manage your user account.

Privacy: With specified resources on your account, your website will never rely on shared server resources from other sites.

Is It Necessary for Me to Have a Thorough Understanding of Shared Hosting?

No. In fact, we have outstanding customer care that can assist you at any time should you require assistance or have questions regarding your hosting service. We can assist you with everything from determining the best solution for you to researching any difficulties you may have. Having any level of knowledge is unquestionably beneficial, but it is by no means required.


What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name, such as, is a unique web address that each website must have in order to be found on the internet. This is what people use to look for your address on the internet. Because no two domain names are the same, if you need a specific one and it’s available, you should register it right away. There are several different sorts of domain name extensions, the most common of which Consider, where the TLD (Top Level Domain) extension Try a different domain extension if one isn’t available. If is already taken, look at,, and, among other possibilities.

How Should I Choose a Domain Name?

To begin, keep your domain name short (think simplicity) and memorable. Research, consult a thesaurus, and brainstorm. Check for availability as soon as you come up with the perfect domain name, and if it’s available, register it immediately away. In your domain name, you can use letters, numbers, and hyphens, but special characters are not allowed.

What’s a ccTLD?

The acronym ccTLD stands for country code top level domain. These are domains with the official nation domain extension, such,.de,.fr, To register a ccTLD, you must normally reside in the nation or jurisdictions specified by the ccTLD. You’ll also need to provide proof of residency, such as a country address or a business address.

When it comes domain extensions, you’ll need to show that you have ties to Ireland. Make careful to look into any additional criteria for your chosen ccTLD. Although offers hundreds of ccTLDs, if you require one that is not listed, please contact our support staff so that we can check availability.

What are gTLDs?

A generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) is a one-of-a-kind word or acronym that allows online consumers to quickly find your website. They are descriptive TLDs that identify your brand, such as.MEDIA,.STORE,.APP (which comes with an SSL certificate built in), and so on. With more websites flooding the internet and.COM names running out, the need for more descriptive TLDs arose, prompting the creation of gTLDs. You now have a better chance of choosing the ideal domain for your business.

Reseller Hosting

What Is the Difference Between Reseller Hosting and White Label Hosting?

White label hosting is another name for reseller hosting. Reseller hosting allows you to profitably buy and sell web hosting. White labeling allows you to brand existing products with your own insignia and sell them as if you were the sole provider. Plus, with reseller hosting, you’ll never have to worry about managing server and data center costs.

Customers purchase and host their websites through your company with Reseller Hosting, and they have no idea who your provider is. Start earning extra money right now by starting your own reseller hosting company.

Reseller or White Label Hosting Is for Who?

White Label Hosting is ideal for businesses, website designers, developers, freelancers, and those who are concerned about website development, hosting, and internet security, to name a few.

VPS Hosting

Why Should You Get a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Whether or not you should buy a VPS server is determined by the level of performance you require for your users. A VPS server is the best solution for you if you want performance, assigned resources, privacy, and high-speed SSD servers. It is capable of handling large spikes in website traffic as well as the most demanding site demands. Plus, it’s a good compromise between shared and dedicated hosting, and it’s still cheap and flexible to meet your company’s demands.

What Does Orange Soft BD VPS Hosting Include?

When you sign up for VPS hosting, you get the following benefits: You get two dedicated IP addresses, remote reboot, serial console access, and VPS servers that are completely managed (cPanel is optional for some accounts and these are called semi-managed VPS). You also get a high-performance server with 99.9% uptime and dedicated support available 24/7/365.

To Use a VPS Server, What Skills or Experience Do I Need?

cPanel is highly recommended for easy account management and is included with all of our VPS services. You can manage and execute numerous account administration operations with cPanel. As a result, only rudimentary knowledge is necessary.

In each instance, having some level of specialized ability is advantageous. Especially if you’ll be creating reports and installing software. Having a specialized team to manage this helps in this scenario. We offer managed and semi-managed VPS hosting, so you’ll have fewer responsibilities. All server maintenance is performed on-site. Throughout the year, we maintain your high-performance site up and operating.

Dedicated Hosting

What Is Dedicated Hosting, Exactly?

Dedicated hosting is renting a physical high-performance server only for your company or website. Dedicated hosting is substantially faster than shared hosting and virtual private servers. Why? You do, however, have unique access to the entire server. That means you have exclusive access to RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and other resources. Dedicated servers can successfully host your site if you have a demanding website with high-performance requirements.

Is There a Difference Between Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting?

Yes, they’re all designed to meet different server needs. Consider shared hosting, which is akin to a college dorm in that it has many tenants in a single building sharing similar resources, but it is extremely inexpensive. Dedicated server hosting is similar to having a cutting-edge home where you pay a lot more and have exclusive access to the space and amenities. Finally, VPS is in the middle, where you have a few residents in the same building (server), but you each have dedicated assets and complete control over your property. It is substantially less expensive than a dedicated server while providing comparable dedicated resources.

How Do You Keep Track of Your Data Centers?

Long-term partners run Orange Soft BD’s high-performance data centers. Furthermore, we have on-site personnel who monitor and manage your servers around the clock, even on holidays, ensuring that your website is available 99.9% of the time. Orange Soft BD can be trusted.