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Orange Soft BD offers G Suite Email Service in Bangladesh. Email and Collaboration for Business, productivity tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, audio-visual conferences, group chat, cloud storage with Google Drive, engage workers, and many other features are all part of G Suite. The G Package (Google Apps), a cloud-based productivity suite, allows you and your team to communicate and work together from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to use and manage, which enables you to operate effectively and concentrate on what’s important.

G Suite Services Bangladesh

Choose Your G Suite Edition

TK.850 /Per Account /Month
  • 30GB Cloud Storage
  • Smart inbox by Gmail
  • Collaborate using Docs, Sheets, Slides & more
  • Google Chats & Google Meet(for video call)
  • Basic security & Admin controls
TK.1950 /Per Account /Month
  • 2TB Cloud Storage
  • Smart inbox by Gmail
  • Collaborate using Docs, Sheets, Slides & more
  • Google Chats & Google Meet(for video call)
  • Standard security & Admin controls
TK.2950 /Per Account /Month
  • 5TB Cloud Storage
  • Smart inbox by Gmail
  • Collaborate using Docs, Sheets, Slides & more
  • Google Chats & Google Meet(for video call)
  • Enhanced security & Admin controls
  • Vault for file archiving,document retention & more
  • Advanced Endpoint device management for account security
TK.4550 /Per Account /Month
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Smart inbox by Gmail
  • Collaborate using Docs, Sheets, Slides & more
  • Google Chats & Google Meet(for video call)
  • Enhanced security & Admin controls
  • Vault for file archiving,document retention & more
  • Enterprise-level Endpoint device management for account security

Benefits of Google Workspace

1. Fully Customized – The exact requirements of your company can be met with Google Workspace. From setting up specialized applications and access protection so that only the appropriate individuals can access your information, to creating an email domain that matches to the name of your company. When setting up G Suite, “Your need is our lead”!

2. Fast – Google Workspace allows you to easily access your documents, calendar, gmail, and google meet from one place. Sharing, organizing, coordinating, and creating with coworkers and/or clients is simple. You have complete freedom to work from home with Google Workspace!

3. Scalable – The needs of your company might be met with online storage space. You can quickly create groups, add or remove users, and manage users through the central management console.

4. Anyplace – Google Workspace works at any time, from any location, and with any device, whether you conduct business locally or abroad (computer, phone and tablet). Google also provides Google Workspace users with 24/7 assistance and support.

Benefits of Google Workspace Services
Subscription to G Suite at a Reasonable Cost

Get G Suite Subscription at Affordable Price

Popular email and productivity software called G Suite is driven by Google Cloud. Numerous web programs and tools are part of GSuite. These include collaboration tools for audio-video conferencing, chat, shared calendars, notes, and much more. Business Email (Gmail) with large Mailboxes, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and many other sophisticated security features are just a few of these. Google keeps enhancing GSuite with new functions and resources. Alpha Net sells G Suite in Bangladesh. Low cost, a selection of payment methods, immediate activation, and volume discounts are all accessible. Below are the GSuite prices and options.

Email & Collaboration

1. Gmail Business Email: Provide everyone in your company with a business email account to increase customer confidence.

2. Introducing Video and Voice Conferencing: Keep in touch with business-grade video conferencing that is supported by Google’s secure infrastructure.

3. Chat Team Messaging: Integrated chat capabilities that help you keep track of all the work messages you send and receive during each session.

Best G-Suite Service in Bangladesh

Orange Soft BD is a web solutions studio located in Dhaka, Bangladesh that helps small to large corporations, both local and offshore, expand their businesses globally by providing the service that incorporates G Suite. Information technology solutions that are cutting edge have been offered by Orange Soft BD since 2016.

One of the most popular services of G Suite is Gmail, which offers customizable domains, powerful spam filters, and easy integration with other G Suite tools. This email service is widely used by individuals and businesses in Bangladesh for their daily communication needs. Another essential service of G Suite is Google Drive, which provides users with a cloud-based storage system that enables them to store and share files with others securely. Google Drive can be accessed from any device, making it a convenient and versatile tool for users in Bangladesh.

We think that internet marketing can be a fruitful strategy for promoting and expanding your business globally in the current, fiercely competitive market. For the past four years, Orange Soft BD has provided G Suite services. The only G Suite partner in Bangladesh that offers the service of storing your company’s correspondence in the cloud is Orange Soft BD. More than 50 G Suite connections have been completed. The committed staff at Orange Soft BD helps you expand your company quickly and effectively. 

Productivity Applications

Frequently Asked Questions About G Suite Services in Bangladesh?

Why Should I Pay for G Suite When Google Offers It for Free?

You can access your favorite Google Apps for Business, including Drive, Slides, Gmail, Docs, and more, with the paid version of G Suite. This version is connected to your domain name and includes premium services like enhanced security features, custom email addresses, double the storage space, and full administrative rights. You also receive a 99.9% uptime guarantee, an unlimited number of group email accounts, 24 hour phone and email assistance, no advertisements, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more. The free edition of G Suite does not include any of this.

Why Should I Purchase Through Orange Soft Bd When I Can Buy G Suite Directly From Google?

We offer a same fee for G Suite as they do. However, if you get G suite from us, you’ll have an advantage because you’ll be able to manage everything, including your hosting and domains, from a single dashboard.

How Much Storage Will I Be Given for Each Email Account?

With G suite, each email account comes with 30 GB of storage.

Can I Transfer From My Free @gmail.com Account to @mycompanyname.com?

Yes. When you purchase G Suite services, you will have access to email transfer tools that will enable you to switch from a free Gmail account to a paid one.

Are There Any Money-back Guarantees Available for G Suite?

Since Google does not give us a money-back guarantee, we do not offer one with G Suite.