How To Buy Domain With bKash?

How To Buy Domain With bKash?

You need to buy two different sorts of services in order to start a website. Hosting and domain services are those. Stay with us to the end if you want to learn how to Buy domain with bKash. Perhaps this is your first time using our website to purchase a domain. Orange Soft BD should make us feel at ease. If you run into any difficulties while trying to buy a domain, we are here to help.

On Orange Soft BD, there are many options for buying a domain. Your brand and search rankings may suffer if you don’t pick the correct domain in the first place. Consequently, picking the ideal domain for you is of utmost importance. Together, let’s talk about our website.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to confidently purchase a domain in Bangladesh using BKash.

How Can You Find The Perfect Domain  

Better search terms must be used while looking for a domain name. Finding the ideal domain name is challenging, so come up with some original ideas. New domain names like “.ninja” and “.photography,” etc., are not recommended. It is not reliable. Keep your domain name as brief as possible (under 15 characters). Users will find it more agreeable.

Both when speaking and writing, you should be able to quickly establish your domain. If you intend to utilize your domain name for business purposes, it should be simple to comprehend and catch users’ attention.

Your domain name should remain unique once it has been created for Buy domain with bKash. A more recognizable domain name is another option. Never use hyphens. You should make sure there are no comparable domain names before you register one.

There are currently 360 million domain names that have been registered. Therefore, domain name generators are useful. Therefore, whenever you have a clever concept, try to employ domain name generators. Perhaps you now have the clearest understanding of how to choose a domain for a website and you have the best advice on how to purchase a domain.

What Is the Price to Purchase a Domain From Bangladesh?

An annual domain purchase from a Bangladeshi hosting business will cost you between 600 and 2000 taka. The kind of domain and the hosting company are often the two variables that determine the price of a domain.

A Bangladeshi web host will likely charge you between 600 and 1200 taka for a year to register domain. Some domain registrars charge less when registering a domain for the first time but a little more when renewing it. While some hosting companies include an ID Protection service for free with the domain name, others charge extra.

Compare domain prices from different hosts:
IT Nut HostingTk1199Tk1282Tk1225
Cyber Developer BDTk999Tk1250Tk1250
Hosting BangladeshTk1250Tk1564Tk1750

Why Would You Buy a Domain with BKash?

Most Bangladeshis lack access to PayPal or a global Mastercard, which are required for international transactions involving dollars. However, the finest hosting providers worldwide typically accept payments via multiple currency cards or PayPal.

1. They do not support the bKash or Rocket payment methods popular in Bangladesh.

2. In that situation, many customers encounter payment issues while attempting to purchase a domain name or web hosting package from a foreign provider.

3. However, you can easily register a domain from Bangladesh because bKash or Rocket payment systems are accepted by Bangladeshi hosting companies.

4. Additionally, there are numerous hosting companies in Bangladesh that provide affordable web hosting services. They also provide very good customer service, and contacting them via live chat is simple.

5. The reputable hosting companies in Bangladesh listed below make it simple to purchase a domain using bKash or Rocket.

Buy Domain with bKash – Orange soft BD Bangladesh

The domain and hosting industries in Bangladesh are expanding quickly. One of the key causes is the daily expansion and enlargement of our domain’s consumer market.

Despite this, there are still certain limitations when buying domains from Bangladesh. For instance, in order to purchase a domain from Bangladesh, we must have a mastercard or visa with a dollar support.

We are aware that obtaining a card backed by dollars is difficult in Bangladesh. Most of the time, our neighborhood bank assesses a steep fee for this. They also have a great deal of needs.

But did you know that we may purchase domain names in Bangladesh without a Mastercard? Yes, what you just heard is true. With bKash, we can buy domains. Even you can buy a domain for a lot less with bKash than with Mastercard. The steps to purchasing a domain with bKash will be covered in the following article.

Buy Domain with bKash FAQ

1. Can I purchase a domain using bKash?

Ans: You can, indeed! To purchase a domain using bKash, go to and place your order. Rocket, Nagad, and bKash are all supported by Orange Soft BD Bangladesh.

2. Can I use bKash to pay for a domain and hosting?

Ans: A resounding “yes”. Visit and select your hosting and domain based on your requirements. After that, place your order and pay with bKash.

3. How soon after completing the bKash payment will the domain be activated?

Ans: It will take between one minute and sixty minutes to activate your domain after you pay with bKash.

4. Is using bKash to purchase a domain name legal in Bangladesh?

Ans: Naturally, it is entirely legal in Bangladesh.

5. Does Orange Soft BD Bangladesh accept payments made with bKash?

Ans: Yes, bKash, Rocket, and Nagad are supported by Orange Soft BD Bangladesh. Your Mastercard and VISA can both be used to make payments.

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