How To Find Out Who Hosts A Website? You Must Read To Know.

How To Find Out Who Hosts A Website? You Must Read To Know.

When you create a website, you have a domain name and hosting site. Most of the users don’t know their hosting server. So, when They face any problem, this ignorance might be a big issue. How To Find Out Who Hosts A Website? If you haven’t any knowledge, these sounds will be a little bit complicated for you.

There are so many websites and apps that help you to find out the hosting server. Wait, if you haven’t a website, then you can go to our website, to build up a new website as your needs. Okay, now we are going to tell you three methods to find out about any hosting site. 

How To Find Out Who Hosts A Website? 

First, we discuss- what is hosting on a   website? Web hosting is a place where all your website documents, files, videos, and images are stored. In online huge hosting servers who provide you web hosting service. 

Why Do You Need To Find Web Host Servers?

Why do people want to see their web host server? Is it necessary? Of course, it’s important for the users. Because the web host company provides all your data, files, images, and documents to your website. If something is hacked or something wrong, your website will be damaged. And if you want to communicate with the server for any purpose, for this ignorance you’ll never connect with them.

There are so many reasons- why do you need to know the hosts of a website? We mention some reasons in the below-

  • you notice that another hosting site performs fast and well. So, you want to buy their services. But you have no idea how to know who hosts that website? 

  • Suppose you create a website in our website- orangesoftbd domain and hosting company Bangladesh. Unfortunately, you forgot the web hostname and also lost the registered document. So, you have no details about your host site.

  • Someone is copying or stealing your website content. So that you need to send a DMCA notice to their host server authority.

  • Somehow your website was hacked or you need to update your website but you don’t know the server of the hosting site.  
how to find out who hosts a website
From this website, you will know the methods of finding your DNS hosting service which are the backbones of a website.

There are different types of methods to find out who hosts a website? We’ll discuss five easy steps that help you to find a website hosting company.


When you register a website domain name, you have a registered document where all your information is included. So you can easily look up your hosting name there. 

Otherwise, you can go to our website then go to our DNS server. Enter the domain name or IP address on the search bar. Follow the instructions and you can find out the hosting server.

Step- 2. WhoIsHostingThis?

WhoIsHostingThis is one of the best webmaster tools.

First, you need to go to this website link- If need more information, you can scroll down. Then you have About Us options and you can gain knowledge about them. 

Next, when you enter this site, you see an option- Discover Who Is Hosting Any Website? Then type or paste the domain name that means website name. Click on a search button.

Then, you find out the hosting site. You can also see the whois information, IP address and name servers about the website. If you like to know more information, then Click on the whois information option.

Finally, you reach the page. You have to fill the captcha and click on I’m not a robot. Then you have details about the website you have searched.

So, it is very simple to get any website hosting server’s name.

Step- 3. ICANN Lookup:

ICANN is an organization that collects domain information. They are non-profit organizations. ICANN supports domain name system (DNS) security through technical training and engagement. 

Okay, at first you need to go to their website. Then enter your domain name or internet number on the search box. 

Next, click on the lookup option. You see the result page. You have to scroll down to see the registrar’s information. 

Step- 4. Hosting Checker:

It is one of the fast checkers’ sites. Normally you need to go to Then use a ‘website hosting search tool’ and enter your website name. You can get information about hosting in a few seconds.


Step- 5. Using Apps:

For this method, you need to go to the play store. Type website hosting checker. Then you see lots of hosting checker apps. Choose one of them that you like. Install the app and open it. After that follow their instructions step by step.

So, you can simply check out any hosting servers through these methods. To protect your website or any information, you can connect with them easily with these steps. 

We are trying to discuss details with simple sentences. Hopefully, you guys understand the discussion about- how to find out who hosts a website? though you have any questions or problems, you can contact us with the comment box without any hesitation. 

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