Restaurant Management Software in Bangladesh

Flexible POS management software includes restaurant management software. The operations of the restaurant will be simplified and automated. This is a user-friendly online application that may also be utilized on a server.

It will be advantageous to restaurants, hotel facilities, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery services, independently owned or operated restaurants, and so on. Everything will be handled for you, including employee management, account billing, and data security.

You may take orders and bill guests using self-service, pay-first, or table-wise systems with the quick and affordable restaurant management software from Orange Soft BD in Bangladesh. The date, the stock, the summary, the price, and the picture of the food menu will all be highlighted in the POS Method.

We offer one of Bangladesh’s top restaurant management systems. Our restaurant management software contains practically every feature you could possibly need, including systems for managing inventory, sales and purchase reports, customers, and employees. These systems can automate your business in ways you never imagined possible. In order to support your restaurant business, we also provide a complete electronic POS system with a standardized tag and scanner tag.

Features of Our Restaurant Management Software’s

1. Dashboard
2. User Role & Permissions
3. General Accounts
4. Suppliers

5. Row Products
6. Voucher
7. Point of Sale
8. Order History

9. Food Items
10. Clients Management
11. Employee Management
12. Reports

Details of Restaurant Management Software

Garments ERP

Order Management

The most major element of our restaurant management software is an order management system. Because of this, our software features a strong order management capability that aids in handling customer orders. Additionally, it aids in the automated completion of all chores connected to orders.

Customized Business ERP

Real-time Reports

The ability of a corporation to produce reports is essential. It takes far too much time, though. On the other hand, this software features a terrific function that enables you to produce reports in real-time. Additionally, it has the ability to generate accurate and reliable reports. You’ll discover it. You can view real time report using our software.

School Management Software

Payment Management

Today, there are various payment methods available. This restaurant billing software is compatible with a number of payment gateways, enabling it to collect payments from a number of different sources. We also offer there are many payment gateway. You can used the payment gateway and easily collect the money.

Hospital Management Software

Account Management

The handling of accounts is essential for every firm. This software offers an account management feature that makes it easier for you to efficiently and precisely handle duties linked to your accounts. All of your account-related duties can be simply finished here. You are no longer need to perform the accounting by hand. The simplest task in this restaurant management program is accounting. You can easily manage your account.

Account & Inventory Management

HR Management

One of the most difficult issues any business encounters while putting an HR Management plan in place. You must make sure that human resources are properly managed when you initially launch a restaurant. There is a lot of work for the HR department to accomplish, from hiring through firing or resignations. Because of this, our program will help you complete several chores quickly. On it, you may rely.

HR & Payroll Software

Purchase Management

The expansion of the company depends on purchase. The transaction processing functionality on our platform is exciting. Anytime can be a good time to make a purchase in the restaurant business. As a result, in order to give quality service, you must purchase ingredients or utilities in compliance with guidelines. The fact that this program features a purchase management feature enables automatic completion of this operation.

Pricing Table for Restaurant Management Software Services

  • Negotiable
  • If you need Custom Pricing Package Please call or Email our Business Development OR Sales Section. We are waiting to hear from you
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 8801751002628

Why You Choose Our Restaurant Management Software Services

A software program known as a restaurant management system (RMS) gives you the authority to operate your restaurant. Opening a restaurant seems so straightforward, but running one effectively and profitably is difficult. To effectively manage a restaurant business, you must have a competent restaurant management system.

You can manage sales, inventory, and staff tracking with the use of Orange Soft’s RMS software. A cash register, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer, order tracing, sales, etc. are just a few of the hardware and software tools we have put up to give you the best services possible.

Have a Look Of Benefits You Will Get From US

Order Process Simplified

Obtain and process orders from many sources, including websites, applications, third-party aggregators, and more. You can easily complete your order using our Restaurant Management Software.

Utilize A Single Platform

Increase the efficiency of your kitchen by streamlining all of your tasks, cutting down on serving times, and providing the greatest services from a single platform.

Multiple Methods of Payment

Multiple payment methods are available, and billing and real-time payment statuses are tracked and recorded from a single dashboard.


Organize work steps for your orders by defining work plans, checklists, and assigning tools all from one central location.


Our RMS software is so convenient and user-friendly that even non-technical people may easily use it. enables your personnel at all levels to run our system so effectively.

Complete Response

We provide you a fully functional restaurant management system that can be used by any type of restaurant, bar, or dine-in establishment. Our system also works on any device you are accustomed to using.

Restaurant Management Software Demo

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Restaurant Management Software Demo

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Management Software

What is Restaurant Management Software?

For restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses, a complete restaurant management system has been developed. It gives users complete control over every aspect of restaurant operations, including table management, kitchen management, POS, and billing.

What Are the Features of Restaurant Management Software?

Personalized dashboards, table reservations, home delivery, alerts, notifications, and tools to manage finances, inventory, sales, orders, the kitchen, and other functions are just a few of the many features that make restaurant management software so popular.

Which Cities is Focus Restaurant Management Software Available in?

Restaurant Management could be availed in all major cities of Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Rangpur, Chattogram, Comilla, Bogura, Khulna, and Tongi etc.

If You Need Any of Resturent Management Software Services or You Have Any Queries About Software Services Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us. We, the Orange Soft BD Team Will Always Be Here to Help You.