What is BDIX Hosting ? Advantages And Disadvantages Of BDIX Hosting

What is BDIX Hosting ? Advantages And Disadvantages Of BDIX Hosting

Bangladesh Internet Exchange is known as BDIX. In Bangladesh, there are around 3500 ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Its main purpose is to share data between all ISP users. All ISPs are a way for ISPs and BDIX members to share high-speed data. Here, data sharing refers to file downloads, video streaming, and file sharing, among other things. Simply described, BDIX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can join and share routing information. BDIX connects over 3500 ISPs across the country. In the Blog, we will share what is BDIX hosting and the advantages and disadvantages of BDIX Hosting.

What is the purpose of BDIX?

To understand what BDIX performs, you must first understand how other servers on Earth function. Maybe it’s the YouTube server. When you wish to watch a video on Youtube, you can do it now. Then you must select that video. Your request is sent to the Youtube server in America when you click on the video. Which is about a thousand kilometers away from Bangladesh. And that request, which travels directly to Youtube’s server, although not so much. Your request will first be sent through Fiber cable from your wifi router to your local ISP.

Then, using fiber cable, your ISP will connect to the ISP from whence the original connection was made, such as BTCL, and BTCL’s server will deliver that request to the Youtube server in America. The signal will then arrive from the Youtube server to your device once the request has been accepted by the Youtube server. After then, your YouTube video will begin to play.

As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in getting something on the Internet. This occurs in a matter of nanoseconds. As a result, we are puzzled.

Consider how quickly that server could be accessible if it were located in any Bangladeshi city. Surely you believe that everything could be obtained in a matter of seconds.

Yes, you’re correct.

Now the question is, what is BDIX’s role in this?

As said before, users of all ISPs connected to BDIX can share data more quickly. Assume that a website’s data is stored on a server in Dhaka, similar to how YouTube’s data is stored on a server in America. This server also has a BDIX connection to Dhaka. All ISP users connected to BDIX will then be able to estimate how quickly they will be able to access the website’s data on this server. Through BDIX, this is the quickest way to share files with everyone.

What is BDIX Hosting, and how does it work?

You may be aware that BDIX creates a virtual network through which you may quickly and conveniently download any file from their server. BDIX Hosting refers to the servers that are part of this network.

What is the purpose of BDIX Hosting?

Simply said, if you want to target Bangladeshi visitors, BDIX hosting is the way to go. Bangladesh-based e-commerce, blogs, newspapers, and a variety of service providers are examples.

Hosting the site on a BDIX server will allow visitors to browse the site normally from any country in the world, so there’s no need to be concerned.

Benefits of BDIX Hosting

  1. Users of Bangladesh’s ISP network would be able to browse 200 times faster.
  2. Because of the low latency, traffic routing is very quick.
  3. Every internet provider includes mobile operators, and BDIX’s Extra Bandwidth Speed allows you to reach the widest audience while maintaining site speed.
  4. The worldwide network speed is 100 Mbps, and the BDIX speed is up to 1 Gbps. As a result, the web page loads really quickly.
  5. Keeping your site on BDIX hosting will remain normal even if the worldwide internet is down for any cause. Visits will go at a normal pace.

The Disadvantages of BDIX Hosting

If your website’s target audience is international, BDIX Hosting should be avoided. Because a Bangladeshi visitor visiting a server in the United States will experience more latency, just as any site hosted on the BDIX Server will experience higher latency for a visitor in the United States.

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