This Study Will Perfect Your What is Tailgating in Cyber Security

This Study Will Perfect Your What is Tailgating in Cyber Security

Do you know what is tailgating in cyber security? It is one of the most common or easy ways for hackers or unauthorized persons to gain access to restricted areas. Hacker enters the restricted area disguising himself as a delivery man, or a repair man. Even he acts struggling with boxes in his hand and looks busy and very important. 

Tailgating is also known as Piggybacking. It also happens for showing kindness like holding a door for an authorized or an unauthorized visitor without id or any proof. This security error can cause damage to both physical and IT systems. 

The hint of tailgating Cyber Security Attacks:

Let’s point out some symptoms through which you can be alert 

  • If someone is following your movements without any reason.
  • Finding a person who is unknown to you and looks suspicious.
  • Trying to enter the restricted area. And moving to and fro looking nervous. 
  • Trying to enter that area is banned for unauthorized persons.

If you find any type of person who is looking suspicious. Then report it to the security service personnel or supervisor. Please do not allow them to enter. Be aware of that type of attacker. 

Let’s learn about the danger of tailgating in cyber security!

Tailgating is often done by criminals who take advantage of a helpful employee holding a door open for someone. In this regard, a criminal gets permission to enter without a badge or Id card. Sometimes an attacker also disguises himself as a worker. And often as a courier person. 

Hackers simply want to steal important data, any hidden plan, laptop, money, etc. It can cause great hamper to the company and also financial losses. The reputation of the company is ruined by the attacker. Even tailgating causes physical harm to the employers. 

 Your Action for Stopping Tailgating in Cyber Security:

  • Physical Security: You should have a physical security guard at the entrance. We know that we have many advanced security measures. But if we keep physical security guards, you can easily see tailgater. If any person tries to tailgate or piggyback, you can catch him very easily.
  • Add Biometrics: You can add biometrics to your security badges. By doing so, you can deter your employees. Then they will not share their credentials among themselves. Think about biometric sensors for your identity cards or badges. 
  • Use of Turnstiles: Tailgating happens when multiple people go through a single path. It is a great chance for the tailgater. They simply mix with authorized people and cross the entrance. To solve this problem, you can set up turnstiles throughout your full building. Moreover, turnstiles are not so expensive to install in your apartment. 
  • Camera Analytics: We live in the age of modern science.  So, we can take the advantage of science. Use camera analytics for face recognition. Through this system, you can scan one’s face. Whether the face of the scanner is not matched with the badge. You can report it to the security panel or supervisor. It is one of the best useful tools for catching unauthorized people.  
  • Detective sensors: It is a very useful method for detecting hackers.  Laser sensors are very helpful. They can detect when more than one person is trying to walk through at a single moment. By adopting this clever trick, the security team will be alerted. And will be able to catch the attacker red-handed. 

Besides following these tricks, you can educate your employee by teaching them. They must learn and manage if any tailgater attacks suddenly. A two-factor authentication is also a strong tool for tailgating in cyber security. 

Where tailgater mostly attacks?

Tailgaters mostly attack in that place where an organization’s data, sensitive information, or physical properties are reserved. It happens that the hacker steals the secret plan of a reputed organization and expresses that plan as their own.  

An organization may be a great victim if the employers are not adequately trained. 

Techniques of a tailgating attacker

For facing the attacker, we must know about their techniques and methods. After knowing their plans, we will be able to face that situation. 

Disguise as a Delivery Man:

Most of the cases a hacker disguises himself as a delivery man carrying multiple packages in his hand. He creates a great sympathy that he is unable to hold anymore. He tells the employee or security guard to hold the door so that he can enter the apartment very easily.

Act as a courier:

The attacker may disguise himself as a courier person. He may pretend that he has come to deliver a pizza for an employee in an organization. 

If the receptionist or security personnel are not alert, the hacker may get access to enter the organization. From there, he will try to slide the restricted area.

Forgetting ID Scam:

Sometimes the attacker dresses like the employers of your company. He will try to mix up with authorized employers and will try his best to pass the entrance. By any chance, if he is caught by the receptionist, he makes excuse. He tries to convince him that his id is exchanged. Or he left it at home. 

Open Doors Technique:

In the company, it’s very normal that the security guard holds the door to enter the employers. This act of showing kindness may give chance for hackers to get access to the company. That hacker disguises like other employers and gets mixed with them. And along with authorized people, he passes the gate. 

Stealing passwords:

You may often notice that when you try to input your password on your laptop, mobile, or any accessing area. You might notice that someone is trying to steal your pins or passwords. This trick calls “shoulder surfing”. If they can steal your password, they will hamper your data or anything. Thus, standing behind authorized employers. He might get the password to enter your organization. 

An Example of a Cyber Attack:

In 2019, Yuking Zhang a Chinese woman caught while trying into Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. She was going to take a swim and had fake club member connections. She uses the language barrier to confuse the security guard. Consequently, secret service agents caught her red-handed with two Chinese passports, multiple mobile phones, an external disc, and a thumb drive containing malware. 

Final word

A hacker may cause a great hamper to your organization. Normally, he uses social engineering tactics like tailgating to access the restricted areas. He may disguise himself as a delivery man, repairing staff member, or courier man. 

Whatever be his disguise look. We should not allow an unauthorized person. When you notice someone suspicious and is unable to prove himself. Just inform the security personnel. Train the employers of your organizations. Teach them how to face the hackers when they try to tailgate.

Use the best security tools in your company. In this article, we tried our best to uphold the necessary information. If you want to know what is tailgating in cyber security and how to prevent it. Read this research, hope it will helpful to you. Have a secure journey!

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