Best Accounting & Inventory Software in Bangladesh

A crucial tool for any business, whether it be a small, medium, or corporate one, is accounting and inventory software. Instead of preparing invoices or financial reports, most small business owners would prefer to devote the majority of their time to serving their clients. One of Bangladesh’s top software development firms, Orange Soft Ltd, offers excellent accounting software solutions that are very helpful to business owners.

A computer program called accounting software controls how a business conducts its business. It is not only secure and safe, but also incredibly effective. Accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, profit and loss statements, asset management, purchasing, cash flow reports, and balance sheets are just a few of the items that accounting software primarily handles. The greatest accounting software has cutting-edge integrated capabilities like purchase orders and inventory management. The practice of accounting for a company’s inventory items is known as inventory management. The items that are in stock and those that need to be ordered are identified using inventory software.

Our software features will give you all the information you need in under a minute if you’re pressed for time and need to know your company’s financial position immediately. The ability of the software to produce financial reports including balance sheets, tax returns, and sales reports is one of its most notable features. We provide you with our pre-made templates so that you may start financial reporting straight away and with the proper understanding.

Features of Accounting & Inventory Software in Bangladesh

Sales Entry:

1. Entry of Sales Quotation
2. Entry of Sales Orders
3. Direct Shipping
4. Direct Billing
5. Delivery in Response to Sales Orders
6. Delivery Against Invoice
7. Payments from Clients
8. Credit Notes to Customers
9. Distribute Client Funds or Credit Notes

Purchase Entry:

1. Entry of Purchase Orders
2. Upkeep of Outstanding Purchase Orders
3. Direct GRN 
4. Direct Billing
5. Supplier Payments
6. Supplier Statements
7. Notes on Supplier Credit
8. Distribute client funds or credit notes
9. Open Supplier accounts

Banking & General Ledger:

1. Expenses
2. Deposits
3. Transfers between banks
4. Journal Entry
5. Budget Entry
6. Bank Account Reconciliation
7. Accruals of Income and Expense
8. Report on Bank Account
9. Work Order Report

Some Key Elements That Will Make Your Work Easier

sales for accounting & inventory software

Sales & Purchase

Purchase order (PO), sales order, invoice, challan, auto bill against PO received, and goods receipt.

Invoicing & Billing

Invoicing & Billing

Point of sale (POS), quick invoicing and receipt, periodic invoices and bills, discounts, refunds.

Asset & Inventory

Asset & Inventory

Fixed asset, shelf and warehouse management, and product stock monitoring

Customer & Vendor

Customer & Vendor

Get reports on customer and vendor management, accounts transactions, and more.

Report & Analysis

Report & Analysis

Create reports quickly and evaluate them to monitor the growth and development of your company.

SMS & Email

SMS & Email

Many other sms and email notifications, including those for invoices, payments, notices, and reports

Manage Your Product / Stock Efficiently Using Our Accounting & Inventory Software

i. Entry of an account transaction: Account balance sheet, Making a ledger, creating receipt vouchers, payments, journal vouchers, contra entries, and reconciling bank accounts

ii. Report: General Ledger, Sub Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Flow, Receipt and Payment, Voucher Print, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Trial balance, income and expense accounts for profit and loss, and balance sheet.

iii. Purchase: Supplier list, item list, purchase order, invoice, payment voucher, register, item-by-item purchase, analysis of purchase, costing, and billable.

iv. Sales: Lists of customers, items, sales orders, invoices, challans, receipt vouchers, sales registers, item-by-item sales, sales analysis, and accounts receivable are all examples of accounting documents.

V. Inventory: Group of items, list of items, stock summary (both group- and item-by-item), item ledger, item-by-item transaction, sale voucher report, stock movement (slow or fast or zero sales), stock minimum, out of stock, and item-by-item profit or loss

Vi. POS (Point of Sale): The modules for Accounts, Inventory, Sale, and Purchase are completely connected, POS systems with barcodes for quick billing bill from the customer (mushok 11ko), a VAT statement (NBR format), and a sale and purchase register ( NBR format), simple to use UI, view of inventories in real-time, To improve the effectiveness of the sales team, itemize the salesperson commission. Administration of chains and franchisees, management of warehouses, real-time data transfer from stores to warehouses, MS SQL server database security, online resources, option for creating many outlets.

Vii. Payroll: Information on the employee, including facts about their references, qualifications, work history, and other relevant information.

Viii. Manufacturing: Consumption, finished products, manufacturing procedures, batch-specific problems, batch-specific finished products, ongoing work, processing costs, etc.

IX. Principal Benefit of the Software: Secure Database for MS SQL Server, the ability to backup and restore databases using a menu, the ability to set up separate logins for each user and data entry operator, together with their privileges (Add, Edit, Delete), Reports can be exported in HTML, Word, and XLS formats. provision for daily report preparation, the SMS Service Data fusion between the branch office and the headquarters.

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