Why Do You Need Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services?

If you’ve achieved success with your online store or are just getting started, you’ll require eCommerce product data entry services and eCommerce development to take active steps at all times. It is a requirement for any eCommerce businesses to have a team that can not only update their products on a regular basis, but also do so quickly and accurately. With hundreds of brands on the market today, a dependable catalog processing management staff is essential to quickly add new products and update existing ones.

Ecommerce Product Data Entry

Product Data Entry Services Include

Our eCommerce Product Entry experts work with a variety of industries, including Jewellery, Apparels & Accessories, Residential & Commercial, Sports, Medical, Furniture, and Electronic Gadgets including Computers, Laptops, and Cell Phones. Every online business has its own method of catalog processing, which is why we tell our experienced staff what the client wants in the initial step so that we can figure out how to deal with categories, subcategories, goods, and variations.

1. Product data collection (from PDF, Images and Hardcopy)
2. Product information can be found by making an online search.
3. Collect product information (like Name, Description, Variations, SKU)
4. Improve the image of the product (by Cropping, Resizing, Renaming)
5. Arranging the products into the appropriate categories
6. Search engine optimization of product details (like Title, Meta tags, Description)
7. Including photos in product uploads (by Manually or Bulk)
8. Make improvements to existing items Products must be removed (if no longer needed)

Advantages of Hiring an Orange Soft BD

Our eCommerce Product Data Management team assists both established and newly launched online stores in successfully managing catalog processing. Our skilled staff can help you increase product sales by boosting content quality, making new brands available, and providing online support. We can fulfill any type of data input requirement thanks to our extensive experience. Our staff has been providing e-commerce product data entry services to some of the world’s most well-known e-commerce companies.

Include in Our Wide Range of Product Data Entry Services:

1. Price Observation
2. Data Cleansing for Products
3. Migration of Products
5. Taxonomy Development 4. Catalog Management
7. Product Enrichment 6. Data Matching & Duplicate Content Elimination
8. Write SEO-friendly material

We Provide Catalog Processing Services for the Stores Below:

We Work On e-Commerce Platforms

Without first being deployed on a live project, our data entry professionals go through a thorough training program. Working with a number of clients around the world allows us to understand various business models and tailor our services accordingly. For product data management, we have experience with the following e-commerce platforms:

1. Magento2. Shopify3. Bigcommerce
4. PrestaShop5. OpenCart6.YahooStore
7. WooCommerce8. 3Dcart 9. Amazon
10. WordPress Website11. PHP Website12. Laravel Website
Catalog Processing Services
ecommerce data entry services in Bangladesh

Services We Offer Data Entry Services

Our team has the knowledge and experience to extract the necessary product information from a variety of sources. This data is incorporated into the product description to improve it.

To provide you with catalog data entry services, we have the necessary skills, resources, and expertise.

We can assist your internal staff in adding new product data obtained from multiple data sources. We can also delete any unwanted, outdated, or irrelevant data that is no longer required.

We can assist businesses with categorizing and arranging products into similar categories. This aids cross-selling and encourages buyers to purchase more items than they originally intended.

We can help you in strategically developing and entering the necessary product information so that clients can upgrade to a better product, resulting in their purchasing a more advanced and expensive product, hence boosting your earnings.

Product information and packaging change during time and must be updated on a regular basis. We can assist you with staying current with updates and updating various forms of product information for your e-commerce website.

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