Point of Sale (POS) Software in Bangladesh

Best Point of Sale (POS) Software in Bangladesh

Customers use the point of sale (POS) system to pay for the items or services that your company offers. Direct or online POS transactions are both possible, and receipts can be printed or created electronically. Store owners in Bangladesh are increasingly using cloud-based POS solutions.

Highly secure Point of Sale – POS Software is offered by Orange Soft BD, one of the top software development firms in Bangladesh. Because Orange Soft BD POS software is so simple to use, you can run your business with ease. With simple setup and management, we provide the most affordable POS Software in Bangladesh. As a result, expand your company from one store to many with the aid of our POS System.

Point of Sales POS Software

The essential procedures of trade and commerce are sale and purchase, and the POS, or Point of Sale, is a vital factor in this regard. Traditionally, a Point of Sale (POS) was the location where a buyer exchanged payment for goods or services with a seller. However, with to advances in technology, POS is no longer restricted to manual currency exchange or cash receipts. Computers, smart phones, programming, and the internet have all changed the POS industry and made it more efficient and effective. Point of Sale ensures secure transactions by bypassing traditional transaction systems and avoiding staff mismanagement. It also reduces time spent and boosts productivity. On an annual basis, POS helps to increase revenue, reduce work hours, and save money. Currently, the majority of commercial companies or agencies around the world rely on the Point of Sale system. Bangladesh is not an outlier when it comes to the use of point-of-sale software. In Bangladesh, Orange Soft BD offers the best POS software. This top POS software has previously been supplied in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh, as well as outside the country.

1. What is Point of Sale (POS)?

In general, a Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) is the location where a customer and a merchant conduct business. The merchant may issue an invoice and issue a receipt after receiving payment from the buyer. In the 1970s, after the invention of the computer, the POS system was initially computerized. The 21st century’s mobile phones and tablets have given the POS revolution a new dimension. The combination of programming and software has resulted in a new system known as the Point of Sale (POS) system.

2. What is a point-of-sale (POS) system?

A business’s ‘powerhouse’ is its point-of-sale system. The term “point of sale” refers to a system that combines computer hardware and software to execute precise commercial operations. Heavy paperwork is no longer an age-old tradition. It’s more like a digital cash register with some hardware at the checkout site, such as a server, a computer terminal and keyboard, a cash drawer, a credit and debit card swiper, a pin pad, and a printer for customer receipts. The main computer, which is connected to numerous checkout terminals and forms a computerized network with the help of hardware, is known as the POS system. Computers are far more capable of capturing data than traditional cash registers. The system ensures inventory, reporting, and ordering accuracy. In addition, a POS system saves time, improves efficiency, and ensures superior customer service. POS systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of business. Are you looking for the best point-of-sale system? In Bangladesh, Orange Soft BD provides the best POS software.

3. How Does a Point-of-Sale System Work?

The POS system’s work is simple to observe. You may have seen a consumer check out at a local retailer utilizing an iPad-based system, or a giant touch screen handled by a register in restaurants and bars. Cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and credit card swiper are among the physical components. POS software enables merchants and retailers to complete transactions on their laptops, iPads, or other tablet devices. The POS system is cloud-connected (a secured remote servers access). It means that each and every point of sale is linked. At the same time, with the help of the internet, a merchant can use them from anywhere. As a result, the POS system appears to be highly promising.

4. What is the purpose of POS software?

POS systems have evolved into one of the most complicated software systems available today. The reason for this is because different enterprises or end-users require different functionality. POS systems were first used in the retail, wholesale, and hospitality industries. Other aspects of a POS system include inventory, vendor ordering, reporting modules, stock transferring, barcode creation, stock counting, customer loyalty, buy orders, bookkeeping, and accounting, in addition to managing sales transactions. Each of these modules is linked together so that you may put them to practical use and get the most out of the system. Sales, buy, inventory, supplier, customer, barcode creation, and other modules are included in the Orange Soft BD POS software.

Today, almost every service and retail firm employs a point-of-sale system. People use them in a variety of operations, including products and property leasing, equipment repair shops, healthcare management, ticketing offices (for example, movies and sports facilities), and many more. POS software’s capabilities have been expanded to include the processing of monetary transactions, maintaining customer service records, booking and allocating facilities, tracking items and processes, invoicing, and debt and outstanding payment monitoring. Software businesses create POS systems for stability, high and consistent running speed, remote supportability, and rich functionality to suit the unique demands and requirements of a diverse collection of users. As a result, you can think of a POS system as the ‘Powerhouse’ of any business’s trades.

5. What Are the Benefits of Point-of-Sale Software?

A POS system is the main workforce of any business. It offers you a bunch of benefits. Some of them are-

1. Positive effect on business: If you are using a POS system in your business, it will allow you to have a better control over your business. You will have the know how many products have you sold, how many products are left in the storehouse and how many products you need to buy. All these can be done with POS software.

2. Accurate operation: Every selling firm involves many numbers, clients, and products all at the same time. If you run them manually using a paper-based approach, there’s a good chance you’ll make a mistake. You don’t have to double-check each customer’s order or other information because POS software can accurately record transactions, manage inventory, and evaluate sales patterns.

3. Business efficiency: Because it is a computerized system, it precisely completes all paperwork and saves a significant amount of time. It directs you to a method for efficiently managing your sales numbers, reports, bills, and orders. A POS system improves the efficiency of the everyday sales environment in addition to the office setting. POS systems have become quite promising as a result of various beneficial features such as barcode scanners and credit card terminals.

4. Client communication: POS software stores all of your clients’ information. All of your customers’ information. You can certainly determine who your best customers are and what they purchase. As a result, you may provide them with a better bargain in order to satisfy them and gain the most profit from them by providing superior customer service. You might also provide them with a discount. It will help you and your client establish a good working relationship.

5. Affordability: POS software has a lot of great and strong capabilities, but it’s also less expensive than other business apps and software. If you want to buy POS software, you have a lot of options, but the software provider will customize it to your specifications.

6. What Are the Features of POS Software?

POS software features differ from one user to the next. This software is created to meet the requirements of the user or business agency. Even so, practically all POS software has some fundamental functionality, such as-

Inventory management: It tells you how many products are now available in your store and how much you need to collect. It also performs the same function across all of your branches.

Reporting on sales: It’s all about your goods. Each product’s data, including all details, is maintained in your database. You may easily label products and take appropriate action for those that are not selling well.

Customer management: POS software stores your customers’ information. Customers’ names and contact information, such as address, phone number, and email address, are easily accessible. You can quickly identify your best clients by looking at your customer list and their purchases.

Employee management: POS software not only saves client information, but also employee information. You can keep an eye on them and determine who in your team is the best salesperson by using this software. This software can be used by employees depending on their access level.

Suppliers: POS software allows you to save information about your suppliers, including their contact information.

Mobile access: Thanks to the cloud-based internet, you can now manage your POS software from anywhere. You can run your business from anywhere with a POS system on your iPhone or iPad.

Receiving: If a customer returns any of your products, this option will assist you in receiving the product so that it can be added to your inventory.

Integration capability: POS software that is integrated with other business apps or software, such as accounting software, increases the productivity of your firm. Both systems can be run on the same hardware components.

Store Configuration: This is where the POS system establishes or changes your shop’s information, such as its address and phone number.

Taxes are supported by several POS systems: This functionality allows you to handle the tax from a product after it has been sold.

Type of POS Software We Provide

Orange Soft BD offers the best pos software in bangladesh to help you simplify your business. We can provide you with POS software that includes the functionality you desire. Our company’s software includes modules for sales, purchasing, inventory, supplier, customer, and barcode production. If you’ve read all of the previous pages, you’ve gotten a good understanding of POS software. It’s now up to you to pick the best POS system for your company. We’ll show you a variety of POS software options based on the sort of business. As you have already seen the common features of any firm, you will discover them here.

Departmental store:

Do you own a department store or a supermarket store? Then you’re probably well aware of the pressure you’re under to manage this. This is a fiercely competitive industry, and you must keep up with your customers. You must maintain a wide choice of products while also maintaining stock levels. Manually dealing with them is difficult, thus POS software is here to help. Departmental store POS software has a few unique characteristics, including:

1. The checkout procedure is sped up.
2. Manages a sophisticated stock control system.
3. Employees are empowered, and targeted promotions are available.
4. Manages coupons and promos.
5. Accepts a variety of payment options
6. Enhances efficiency
7. Encourages loyalty schemes.
8. Return & Refund of Payment
9. Quick-keys

Restaurant POS:

The introduction of a point-of-sale system has changed the restaurant industry. In their various locations, fast-food restaurants frequently use POS software. This technology allows you to give your customer an exceptional experience that will keep him coming back to your business. You can use the touchscreen to make the ordering process more efficient and accurate. Bars, cafes, and fast-food restaurants can all benefit from this program. These unique features are included in the restaurant POS system:

1. Menus and floorplans that are tailored to your needs
2. Efficiency and simplicity
3. Marketing Software Updates
4. Tableside and Kiosk Ordering
5. Technical assistance
6. Programs involving gift cards
7. Integration of online ordering
8. Table handling that is precise
9. Special requests are welcome

Fashion house POS:

Running a fashion house is a difficult job because it is now a multimillion-dollar industry. Long production lead times, a competitive landscape, complex size, color, and style forecasts, bi-annual buying cycles, in-store stock availability, omnichannel consumer expectations, and customer service problems are all factors you must keep in mind to keep your firm running. All of these issues can be solved with a fashion house POS system. Integrated e-commerce is one of the features, aside from the usual ones.

1. Get rid of fashion’s annoyances
2. Omnichannel visibility
3. An all-in-one software package
4. Shop both online and offline
5. Tracking customer purchasing habits
6. Seasonal sales and composite items

Pharmacy POS system:

When it comes to health, humans require medication as well. Even if you own a pharmacy, you can use a POS system. This firm, like the rest of the world, is run on a computerized basis. In this industry, you must remember to manage expiration dates efficiently, handle prescription pharmaceuticals according to legislation, calculate costs depending on a variety of insurance schemes, and more. Aside from the standard features, there are a few more that can help your pharmacy grow. They’re –

1. Compliance and compatibility
2. Categories
3. Flexible deployment
4. Pharmacy management system integration
5. Auto purchasing / ordering
6. Expiration dates
7. Print signs & labels
8. Electronic price updates

POS Software in Bangladesh

It makes no difference what kind of business you want to start. With Orange Soft BD’s latest Point of Sale software (POS), it’s time to take your business to the next level. The software is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, filling stations, and any other form of business. The point-of-sale software is simple to use. It also makes it simple to keep track of sales transactions, manage product pricing, and quickly generate receipts for your consumers. Orange Soft BD offers the best pos software in Bangladesh to help you streamline your business.

Payment Procedure:

1. 100% Advance Payment monthly or yearly
2. Payment will goes to Bkash, Nogod, Rocket or Bank Account.
3. All Tax, Vat & Other Charge excluded.

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