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Online newspapers are becoming more and more popular. The most robust and secure newspaper hosting in Bangladesh is offered by Orange Soft BD. We provide Unlimited Bandwidth and Lifetime Free Domain for Newspaper Hosting. Free Daily Backups and a Lifetime Free SSL Certificate are also provided. Powerful and Secure Web Hosting at a Reliable Price is Our Primary Goal. We constantly strive to make our service better. Our dedicated support staff is available around-the-clock. When a client pays their bill online, our online payment system automatically creates a domain and web hosting. You may also test out our Advance Hosting bundle.

  • News Starter

  • TK. 3000 /Per Year

  •   5GB SSD Storage
  •   50 GB Data Transfer Monthly
  •   Unlimited Sub Domains
  •   cPanel Control Panel
  •   Unlimited Email Accounts
  •   Unlimited Databases
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  • News Growing

  • TK. 5000 /Per Year

  •   10GB SSD Storage
  •   100 GB Data Transfer Monthly
  •   Unlimited Sub Domains
  •   cPanel Control Panel
  •   Unlimited Email Accounts
  •   Unlimited Databases
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  • News Mega

  • TK. 7000 /Per Year

  •   15GB SSD Storage
  •   150 GB Data Transfer Monthly
  •   Unlimited Sub Domains
  •   cPanel Control Panel
  •   Unlimited Email Accounts
  •   Unlimited Databases
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  • News Turbo

  • TK. 9000 /Per Year

  •   20GB SSD Storage
  •   200 GB Data Transfer Monthly
  •   Unlimited Sub Domains
  •   cPanel Control Panel
  •   Unlimited Email Accounts
  •   Unlimited Databases
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News Portal Hosting in Bangladesh – Orange Soft BD

Are you looking for the best web hosting for news websites or startup news websites because you are planning to build a news portal website in Bangladesh? People enjoy browsing online for the most recent updates and news as many news industries transition from offline to online.

However, many industries find it difficult to compete in the market without an internet presence. Look no further than Orange Soft BD if you want to provide your online news page a solid online presence. Why? For the intelligent developer or owner of a news website, they offer alternatives that are incredibly scalable, inexpensive, and customized and enable their sites to always be operational.

Along with offering trustworthy services, they also offer knowledgeable customer support. Additionally, the hosting plans are also so versatile that you can improve your hosting services to meet the needs of your news site by switching to a more expensive shared hosting plan, a VPS, or a dedicated server.

News Portal Hosting in Bangladesh

Why You Should Choose Our News Portal Hosting?

Websites for news portals are very problematic and go beyond traditional web design principles. A successful e-commerce website discloses the customers, offers successful services, and effectively manages their investment. As a result, having a website is essential for everyday life. E-commerce coordinators are required in addition to mastering and utilizing such News portal solutions.


Enjoy the advantages of hosting on PHP7+OPcache, HTTP2, and our WordPress-optimized servers, which will help your site load more quickly and lower bounce rates.


Installing, securing, updating, and managing WordPress websites from a single, user-friendly interface simplifies setup, configuration, and routine management for all of your WordPress-based websites!


Installing and configuring a new WordPress site with Orange Soft BD’s WP Quick Install small script takes just one click and less than 30 seconds!


Any WordPress website you own should have a free SSL certificate installed. Your domain’s security with us doesn’t demand any further payments.

Several Things to Take into Account Before Buying Web Hosting for News Websites

Price, Bandwidth, Customer Support, Flexibility, and web space on the server are prime things you need to look for in any hosting plan before purchasing web hosting for your News Portal Website in Bangladesh. Orange Soft BD is a top-ranked hosting provider Bangladesh 2020 for your online news portal. The company’s low costs, coupled with its supremacy in the news portal site hosting and it’s remarkable customer support, is what makes Orange Soft BD such a valuable deal. Don’t get swayed easily by publicity-seeking gimmicks unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth as there’s technically no such thing as entirely unlimited hosting.

Newspaper Hosting Features

The hosting for news portals is built on a shared cloud environment for maximum performance and scalability. Web hosting for WordPress-based news sites.

Cost Effective

The plan is economical, thus there is no financial danger.

Easy upgrade

It takes only a few clicks to upgrade your hosting at any moment.

Regular Backups

Every package comes with a standard site backup.

Free Website Migration

Website migration and management are free of charge.

Newspaper Hosting FAQs

What is News Portal hosting?

News portal hosting refers to the global online presence of news-related websites for internet users. Since the majority of newspaper websites receive a lot of traffic, we created some unique web hosting that is tailored for highly loaded newspaper websites.

What Kind of Users Generally Prefer News Portal Hosting?

Proprietors of news websites, bloggers, WordPress site owners, etc. typically prefer news portal web hosting.

What Benefits Does News Portal Web Hosting Have?

With our managed news portal hosting plan, which is performance-optimized to ensure smooth site operation, you won’t need to worry about things like backups, updates, security, or other changes.

Are you Developing Newspaper/News-Portal Website?

We have a lot of experience offering Newspaper Websites. Our entire development team has years of expertise building websites. You should review our web development package for more information since web development is a paid service.

Browse our most popular and cheap News Portal Hosting plans for your company. In Bangladesh, we provide the best web hosting for news websites. Host your newspaper website on fastest and most powerful servers.