Best School Management Software in Bangladesh

We are Orange Soft BD, a well-known supplier of school administration software in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to giving schools the resources they require to accomplish their objectives because we think that every person has the right to an education. Our goal is to equip Bangladeshi schools with the top education management software so they can reach their maximum potential. Since 2018, we have been supplying Bangladeshi schools with school administration software. A comprehensive education management system- is user-friendly and made for all sizes of educational institutions, from little private schools to enormous public ones. Our student management solution enables schools to control student activity, attendance, and profile. Schools can also track students’ schedules, grades, and other crucial data in real time. To support educational institutions in enhancing their performance and achieving their objectives. The advantage of school management software is that it can control the regular interactions between teachers and pupils. It is made to assist schools in managing their faculty, staff, and other school workers. Web-based software is used by the school. Any computer or mobile device can access it from anywhere. Additionally, it aids users in transitioning from the conventional to the contemporary educational systems.

1. Admission Management
2. Online Class & Exam System
3. Profile Management
4. Library Management

5. Financial Management
6. Examination Management
7. Fees Management
8. Website Management

9. Account Management
10. Attendance Management
11. Time Table & Scheduling
12. Evaluation Management

Unique School Management Software

One of Bangladesh’s top school management software programs is Orange Soft BD. Today, software is required to finish activities that are everywhere. Many educational institutions have digitized daily tasks these days.For educational institutions in Bangladesh, the school management system has gained notoriety.

A school administration system’s ability to preserve student-related data is a key benefit. Additional aspects of school administration software include records of student exam results, library usage, fees paid by students, transportation services offered by the school, and many more. You have access to the database and more as an admin that the school administration has designated. After that, students can use the system to view relevant notices and their exam results without having editing access.

There are many various kinds of software and systems for managing schools, from straightforward options for smaller institutions to thorough enterprise-level solutions. Databases of students and teachers, tools for keeping track of attendance, gradebooks and assessment tools, scheduling and calendar capabilities, and communication portals for parents and students are some of the elements that are frequently found in school administration systems.

School Management Software

Best School Management Software

One of the top school management system programs for running any educational institution is Orange Soft BD. The Orange Soft BD has special feature sets that let you manage your school from a single location. Managing schools is now simpler than ever thanks to separate users like students, teachers, and administrators.

Bangladesh is developing. We are an IT company that provides ERP software for educational institutions. A country’s educational system is its cornerstone. Many educational institutions have now digitized her regular operations. We also provide school management software, an ERP for educational institutions, or both in this area. We found that a lot of educational institutions struggle more with day-to-day operations.

This is how we incorporate all of the Module requirements for an educational institution. You may handle attendance, student results, admission, HR and payroll, student fees, general accounts, library management, annual calendars, class schedules, and student home assignments, among other things, with the aid of our solution. Student and teacher/staff profiles, SMS and email dues and results alerts, student result cards, and Slack notifications are all included in the General Modules.

Features of Our School Management Software

1. Student Management – This helps an educational institution maintain track of each student’s profile.

2. Teacher Management – Teachers’ profiles can be saved. Our instructor module is created to be time-efficient and laser-focused on the essentials.

3. Management of Attendance – Both student and teacher attendance can be tracked and maintained.

4. Inventory Management – It is possible to keep track of the supplies that are still needed as well as the remaining goods.

5. Library Management – This software allows for the maintenance of library records.

6. Wage Management – It allows for the management of school employees’ wages.

7. Fees Management – All fees, including regular fees and exam fees, can be controlled.

8. Notification Management – When linked to a communications network, it can notify parents of a student’s activities.

9. Management of Reports and Results – All student reports and results can be kept on file.

10. Routine and Time-Table Management – This software can handle both the routine and the Time-Table.


Why You Need School Management Software?

1. Technology has complete set for doing everything and has made life easier for schools as well.

2. Other compelling advantages of using the best school management software included.

3. Performs indirect school branding because parents will already have a positive view of the school.

4. Enables communication with every authority and department in the school, both small and large.

5. Can be coupled with a CMS, allowing you to manage website design and promotion chores directly from the SMS.

6. Due to the fact that they won’t have to manage the extra tasks, teachers will be more productive.

7. Mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers with Internet access can be used to retrieve or change the information saved in SMS messages from any location.

8. Complete automation of school procedures makes tracking simple while also providing management with greater data insights. Decision-making can be enhanced in this way.

Details Features Of School Management Software

Garments ERP


The institute may manage all reports on a dashboard, including active teachers, current staff, active students, active male students, active female students, SMS balance, and today’s attendance for all students, teachers, and staff. You can easily manage your dashboard.

Customized Business ERP

Academic Module

This school management software system profile is totally focused on the student’s academic performance and final certification, and it includes an intuitive interface. There are numerous subcategories, including shift, class, group, sections, and all subjects.

School Management Software

Online Admission

This will make it simple for anyone who lives a long way away, wants to save time and costs, or simply wants to take advantage of modern technology to enroll in your school. Student List, Admission Rules, and Online Admission. Our online admission is very simple.

Hospital Management Software

Student Module

The institute can handle and keep track of all student data, including student admission, the printing of student admission forms, a list of existing students, the printing of student ID cards, and the migration process.

Account & Inventory Management

Timetable Module

You may manage your school’s annual calendar, set class schedules, examine class schedules, and manage test schedules with our school administration software. Timetable module help to your schedule manage.

HR & Payroll Software

Results Module

Exam eligibility, exam attendance, mark entry (exam), mark entry (subject), merit list, and all student final results are all stored in this module, which also serves as a repository for all student exam and results operations.

Hospital Management Software

Attendance Module

The leading school management software’s option for tracking pupils’ attendance in real time is really helpful. The student manual attendance, manual attendance list, daily attendance summary, list of absent students, and monthly student attendance are all captured by this school administration software.

Account & Inventory Management

User Management

Advanced user permissions are offered by our school administration system. Our user management system is dynamic. Users, user lists, user permissions, user role setting, etc. are all readily addable. You can manage all user permission and modify your user permission anytime and update when you need it.

HR & Payroll Software

Web Management

A web management system for an institute has a wealth of data. because the institute’s identification can be found on its website. Parents first visit the institute website to view all of the material there, including the education system, teacher bios, gallery of accomplishments, notices, admission, etc. Our web management are user friendly.

Pricing Table for School Management Software Services

PackageBranchInstallation CostPer Student/month
Package l110,000 TK10TK
Package 2215,000 TK20TK
Package 3320,000 TK20TK
Package 4425,000 TK20TK

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