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Virtual private server! Your bandwidth will be ensured by our service level agreement. Exceptionally quick, dependable, and never asset. affordable VPS. trustworthy VPS.

Reseller Hosting Servers

We are top reseller hosting in Bangladesh that provide good quality and cheap price hosting in Bangladesh. Our companies are currently providing very good service in terms of price, quality, support and guidelines.

VPS Hosting Servers

We are the best VPS hosting provider, there are several good companies and Orange Soft BD is one of them. But We have been providing services by purchasing servers from the best quality data centers in the world.

Master Reseller Servers

You can sell our reseller hosting solutions thanks to Master Reseller Hosting. This means that in addition to regular individual hosting accounts, you can also create and sell reseller web hosting accounts.

BDIX VPS Servers

Those who have Bangladesh traffic-dependent websites and want to access the website securely should use BDIX VPS. Of course, BDIX VPS hosting is a little more expensive. We offer BDIX VPS hosting at a low price.

BDIX Reseller Servers

With our BDIX Reseller Hosting plans, you can start a web hosting business or host the websites of your local bd clients. In Bangladesh, we offer bdix reseller hosting. We provides affordable, cheap reseller hosting plans.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

The Managed Dedicated Server Solution from Orange Soft BD includes Web, FTP, and Database Servers (SQL Server and MySQL) in full configuration and is firewall-protected. Contact us for purchased dedicated server.


Dedicated Hosting Servers in Bangladesh

In the USA and Bangladesh, Orange Soft BD offers high-performance Linux dedicated servers. With a High-Performance Dedicated Server, the cost is quite minimal. The resources included in dedicated server plans, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, etc., vary. The Managed Dedicated Server plans are listed below. A Managed Dedicated Server is already set up with every service required to provide Web Hosting to your clients.

No matter the size of your company, Orange Soft BD offers service and support that is above and beyond the norm. Ultimate Support is available to assist you 24/7/365 with everything from configuration planning to routine maintenance. Allow us to work with you to develop a hosting architecture that offers the quick response time and uptime your company demands. You can also get in touch with us whenever you need advice or answers. You will benefit from our years of experience in organizing, implementing, and managing configurations for a variety of businesses as an Orange Soft BD customer.

The best thing is that we offer dedicated server hosting for unbelievably affordable pricing in Bangladesh to our customers. Buy a dedicated server from us if you’re wondering how to maintain your company website running properly while paying less and having sole access to the server and its resources! However, if you don’t need a complete server to yourself, our business hosting package is your best bet. Get in touch with us right away!

Everything Required to Host a Server

Everything required to host a servers. Our high-performance dedicated servers can ensure your online project application’s or websites’ maximum availability.

1. 100 Mbps of bandwidth

In addition to the 100Mbps connection, which is server-grade and always-ready serve the services.

2. Amazingly Quick SSD Drive

Experience SSD Drive’s lightning-fast performance. less latency and up to 100 times the IOPS of standard disks.

3. Performance-Oriented Server

To provide quick and responsive services, every system includes an Intel Xeon processor.

4. Root Access

You can install anything and everything you need to run your server if you have root-level access. We provided root access for VPS and dedicated server.

5. Fantastic Security

By installing multi-layered security measures with CCTV surveillance systems at all access points, your sensitive data is protected.

6. Best Support

Through email, live chat, and remote access, we offer courteous, knowledgeable, and top-notch technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for My Server to Start Functioning Properly?

Depending on the dedicated server package you choose to buy. In contrary to regular dedicated server setups, which typically take 3 to 14 working days depending on hardware availability, instant dedicated servers are ready in just one working day (terms and conditions apply).

Will My Private VPS Server Allow Me Root Access?

Yes. Your own VPS server will be completely under your complete control and root access.

Where Exabytes Server Colocation Data Center's located?

Your VPS or Dedicated server will be hosted in Singapore, USA, Germany or France Data Center.

What Kind of Hard Disk Is Used for the Storage on Your VPS?

For all of our SSD VPS Hosting Plans, We use solid-state drives (SSD).