Managed VPS Hosting in Bangladesh

Purchase one of our affordable, highly effective managed VPS hosting plans. We provide Bangladesh managed Linux VPS. For individuals who want to host websites on a highly reliable and secure infrastructure without having to deal with server management, our managed virtual private servers are perfect. Select the one that best satisfies your needs, then begin right away.

Count on the KVM-powered Orange Soft BD VPS server for a stable and hassle-free hosting experience. Spend no time worrying about server management and relax! Our managed VPS hosting is a remarkable platform that completely looks after your server while you concentrate on your most important business-related tasks. Get started with the best managed VPS hosting right away by contacting us.

Utilize Orange Soft BD to your advantage. Our VPS Packages come with Enterprise-grade high-performance hardware, SSDs, and only the best drives, and are priced inexpensively to be the ideal option for individuals who seek the advantages of Managed VPS hosting. To keep things simple and economical, start with a modest VPS and build it up as needed without changing your IP address or moving your data. Complete root, a lot of RAM, lots of disk space, and anything you require. The uptime guarantee for our managed VPS servers is 99.95%. To succeed in business, your website must be accessible every single day. Orange Soft BD guarantees that your website is always accessible and that your visitors have a pleasant hosting experience.

Managed VPS Hosting in Bangladesh

  • TK. 3500 /Per Month

  • With cPanel, Softaculous, FleetSSL, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Imunify360 and more.
  •   2 vCPU
  •   4 GB Ram
  •   100 GB NVMe SSD
  •   1 TB Bandwidth
  •   Dedicated IP
  •   Full Root Access

  • TK. 5500 /Per Month

  • With cPanel, Softaculous, FleetSSL, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Imunify360, WHMReseller, JetBackup.
  •   4 vCPU
  •   8 GB Ram
  •   200 GB NVMe SSD
  •   1 TB Bandwidth
  •   Dedicated IP
  •   Full Root Access

  • TK. 6500 /Per Month

  • With cPanel, Softaculous, FleetSSL, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Imunify360, WHMReseller, JetBackup.
  •   6 vCPU
  •   16 GB Ram
  •   300 GB NVMe SSD
  •   5 TB Bandwidth
  •   Dedicated IP
  •   Full Root Access

All Our Fully Managed VPS Hosting plans include:

PAIN FREE UPGRADE: No downtime or migration is required to scale any of our Managed VPS products to a different plan. Scale up to the next plan without any problems after starting with what you need. To assist you develop for whatever situation you may face, we make sure that the transitions are as seamless as possible.

FASTER THAN CONCURRENCE: Utilizing a RAID-10 SSD configuration with just the best hardware on the market. We strive to make sure that the read/write speeds on our servers are always quick. You require a quicker driving speed. View our NVMe options now!

COMPLETE ROOT ACCESS:  Full Root Access is included with each of our virtual private servers. We don’t restrict or limit access. We are aware that some of our clients may desire to make any necessary adjustments to their own setups.

24/7/365 SUPPORT AVAILABLE: Whether you’re at home, away from home, or even in another nation. regardless of the day or the hour. You will always have access to our help whenever you need it. We make sure there is always someone there to help you, whenever you need it, with whatever you require.

CAPABLE OF WHITE LABEL:  Want to sell our services to others? That is not a concern. We sell all of our services with white-labeling in mind. This enables you to use and market our services under your own name without mentioning the name of our business.

BACKUPS: With your Managed VPS, we can help you set up and configure backups. We are available to help you with the configuration of backups that are a feature of all servers.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Features At The Top With Our Managed VPS Server

You should have a dependable host! You may run your business online with the help of our Managed VPS server hosting service while we relieve you of the stress by providing reliable backbone support! Count on our top-notch, affordable VPS server to provide the greatest hosting experience. You will undoubtedly get that speed, performance, and power supported by 24×7 support with our affordable managed VPS server. Additionally, a ton of top-notch features to up your VPS hosting game.

Fully Managed VPS Server

We care about your business and treat it as if it were our own. A dedicated support staff is included with our fully managed VPS hosting service. You have access to knowledgeable and committed in-house tech specialists 24 hours a day. You can concentrate on your business because we take care of all security upgrades, management, monitoring, and backups.

100% Dedicated Resources

Our managed VPS servers give your websites and applications the resources they require because they are 100% devoted to you. Resources are distributed according to each virtual server hosting plan so that only your website may use them. Unmatched power, reduced latency, and high-speed performance are the results.


The managed VPS servers from Orange Soft BD are built with KVM virtualization software. Based on the needs of your website or applications, KVM allows you the freedom to choose the values for your resources. You receive totally focused and isolated resources this way. Full isolation is provided by KVM, and it also aids in eliminating the issue of noisy neighbors.

Administrative Access

Despite the fact that we offer fully managed virtual private servers, there may be instances when you’d like to make changes to the server yourself. Having administrator access is useful for this. It provides constant, unhindered access to your server. The entire server may be managed, and it can be configured or customized however you like.

Intel Xeon Processors

With our Intel Xeon CPUs, you may get cutting-edge computing and processing capability. On our managed VPS servers, Intel Xeon CPUs are used. High-performance CPUs with the most CPU cores are Intel Xeon processors. They are perfect for hosting programs or websites that demand a lot of resources.

SSL Certificates

Our top objective is to keep your website secure, thus this is what we are most concerned about. An SSL certificate has been put on each website that is hosted on our managed VPS server. A secure encryption is created and the identity of the website is verified by an SSL certificate.

Managed VPS Hosting FAQ

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

It is a managed service, as the name implies, so you don’t have to bother about managing servers. All server management activities, including as software updates, installations, backups, security, and more, are fully handled by Orange Soft BD. As a result, as a business owner, you may devote more time to and focus on developing your company. Regardless of skill, managed VPS server hosting is the best choice for any business owner, individual, freelancer, or developer because it streamlines the project and its duties.

What Benefits Does a VPS Offer?

If you currently use standard hosting, a VPS offers a respectable number of advantages. Increased resources and power for your apps is only one of many benefits. With the help of a VPS, you may manage your webhosting environment and make the tweaks and modifications required for your online application. When compared to conventional hosting, this level of flexibility gives you additional alternatives for server applications.

A virtual private server will undoubtedly give you an advantage if you’re wanting to construct an application or need certain PHP modules that aren’t already available.

What Differentiates Managed From Unmanaged VPS?

Managed VPS hosting is a choice that offers extra benefits. Most VPS hosting clients must focus on their businesses rather than managing the server’s technical components.

With a managed VPS, we take care of the operating system installation, server monitoring, security patch updates, and much more. As opposed to managed VPS hosting, which requires you to handle each of these duties independently. If you are familiar with the technical aspects of VPS servers, it is advised to select an unmanaged VPS.

Does My Managed VPS Server Come With Administrative Access?

Yes! Even though we offer managed VPS servers, there may be situations when you choose to personalize the server. You receive admin access to our managed VPS server, allowing you to customize the server as you see fit.

Orange Soft Bd Will Be the Greatest Managed Vps Server Provider on the Market if You’re Looking for One. Compared to a Dedicated Server, Our Vps Hosting Solutions Are More Manageable and Less Expensive.