Orange Soft BD makes significant investments to guarantee that your website has the greatest levels of uptime and security, the capacity to handle spikes in demand, as well as unanticipated power or network disruptions. Hosting your website in the US will give your website’s US-based visitors quicker website speeds.For US site hosting with round-the-clock customer assistance, use Orange Soft BD. When you’re more likely to need assistance during US business hours, providers headquartered abroad might not be easily accessible.If you host your website in the US rather than a US or European data center, search engines may give it a higher ranking for US-based search results. Orange Soft BD is the only owner of our two US data centers, therefore we have total control over the network’s infrastructure and security.

The Ultimate Web Hosting Services Environment

Our two secure web hosting data centers, which are based in Gloucester in the heart of England, are staffed around-the-clock by a knowledgeable team of engineers who contain thousands of the newest web servers. Every effort is taken to ensure that our servers perform to their full capability and provide the greatest levels of security and uptime.

1. The most recent technology—thousands of the most recent Linux and Microsoft Windows web hosting servers, with support for all of the most popular programming languages and database systems.

2. Unmatched connectivity—each server has a fully redundant Tier 1 connection that connects directly to the internet’s backbone, ensuring that none of our web hosting customers ever encounter a slowdown or service interruption.

Where To Place Your Website For Maximum Security

Access to the data center is strictly restricted to security-cleared staff and is managed by sophisticated access control and CCTV surveillance systems.

1. The data centers and corporate headquarters have CCTV in every region.
2. Highly skilled security officers on duty constantly.
3. Role-based access control that requires a swipe card and passes through several protected locations ensures that no unauthorized personnel can enter. a climate-controlled setting In order to ensure that our servers operate to their full capacity and consistently deliver good performance, extensive environmental controls are used.
4. The climate in the data centers is constantly monitored and perfectly adjusted thanks to our multi-million pound Denco technology.
5. High-end air conditioning systems.
6. Humidity analyzers and precise thermometers.
In the event that the worst happens, FM-200 gas is released in under 2 seconds to put out the fire in the affected area.

Continuous Conduction Mode ( CCM Power Supply)

The most cutting-edge APC X UPS system is used in our data centers to provide all servers with uninterruptible power. In the event of a power loss, the data centers’ power source is switched over immediately and without any interruption to a diesel generator.


We have a group of skilled engineers monitoring the data centers in addition to our sophisticated monitoring technologies, guaranteeing that any potential issues with the platform are stopped before they even arise.