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Easy Domain Setup No Technical Skills

Free Email Address – Forwarding

Paid Domain Privacy Protection

Unlimited Sub Domains

Advanced DNS Control

Multi-Year Registration

Domain Locking & Forwarding

Free 24*7/365 Support

Domain Price

.COMTK.1250.00 / yearTK.1250.00 / yearTK.1250.00 / yearORDER NOW
.NETTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearORDER NOW
.ORGTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearORDER NOW
.INFOTK.1000.00 / yearTK.2000.00 / yearTK.2000.00 / yearORDER NOW
.BIZTK.2000.00 / yearTK.2000.00 / yearTK.2000.00 / yearORDER NOW
.USTK.1000.00 / yearTK.1000.00 / yearTK.1000.00 / yearORDER NOW
.MOBITK.1950.00 / yearTK.1950.00 / yearTK.1950.00 / yearORDER NOW
.ASIATK.1575.00 / yearTK.1575.00 / yearTK.1575.00 / yearORDER NOW
.TELTK.1650.00 / yearTK.1650.00 / yearTK.1650.00 / yearORDER NOW
.METK.2875.00 / yearTK.2875.00 / yearTK.2875.00 / yearORDER NOW
.WSTK.1850.00 / yearTK.1850.00 / yearTK.1850.00 / yearORDER NOW
.CCTK.2825.00 / yearTK.2825.00 / yearTK.2825.00 / yearORDER NOW
.COTK.2850.00 / yearTK.2850.00 / yearTK.2850.00 / yearORDER NOW
.BDTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / yearTK.1500.00 / year

You Can Purchase a Domain Name From Bangladesh For a Lower Price

Orange Soft BD is the most reputable domain registration company in Bangladesh. If you acquire a BD domain or any other Top-Level Domain from our website, your domain will be registered instantly. Compared to other domain registrars, we provide domains at a reduced price. We provide total domain management resources as well as full domain ownership. Every day, a large number of domains are registered online. You should register your company’s domain name as soon as you can to stop someone else from doing so. Our website offers registration for all popular TLDs and country domains.

The value of your company’s brand will increase with Bangladeshi domain registration. By acquiring a domain, you may easily make your company’s products and services known to people all over the world. The level of trust in business email communication will rise thanks to your personal email account. We provide both a btcl domain checker and all top level domain checkers on our website. You can check to see if the desired domain name is available. Consider your brand when picking the ideal domain name. Get a website address that will safeguard your brand online by purchasing a domain name. A domain name is an Internet address.

Domain Registration In Bangladesh

Why Purchase a Domain From Orange Soft BD?

Orange Soft BD offers domain purchases in Bangladesh at the most affordable prices. Compared to other domain registrars, our domain price in Bangladesh is more affordable. We offer a complete, user-friendly domain ownership panel. You can contrast the cost of our domain with that of other hosts. Our registration and renewal costs remain constant and are reasonable.

Full Domain Control and Ownership

We guarantee for the ownership of your domain. Our customers get full access to the domain management panel and ownership. The most crucial element for your company is your domain. When you have control over your domain, you may be stress-free.

Simple DNS Management

You can add, amend, or delete DNS records from your DNS manager if your DNS is hosted by us. Where your DNS records are hosted will affect how your DNS is managed. By pointing your domain nameservers, you can find out. From our domain control pane, you can adjust your primary nameservers.

Domain Forwarding

Redirecting your website to a different website is known as domain forwarding. Your domain will be redirected to a different domain name if you enable domain forwarding. Additionally, you can forward your domain in stealth mode, which will prevent users from seeing the new domain address.

Privacy Protection

Information about the domain owner is kept private when privacy protection is enabled. The database does not contain the domain owner’s contact details. The domain owner cannot be reached in any way. This privacy protection technology is available for an extra 400tk per year.

Domain Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Did You Register Your Domains?

Our domain is quickly registered. On our website, using the Amar Pay payment platform, you can register a domain whenever you want.

What is Required for a Domain Transfer?

To transfer your domain to us, you must first obtain an EPP code, unlock your domain’s Registrar Lock, and confirm your email address. If you have a domain registered at, you must request that it be transferred to the new customer id we will give you.

Can I Get a Domain Control Panel From You?

Yes, we offer a domain management panel. From your odmain management panel, you can alter your contact information, Nameserver, DNS, domain transfer Lock status, etc.

Can I Renew a Domain That Expired?

Yes. Within 30 days following the expiration date, you can renew an expired domain. There is a grace period of 30 days. You must pay more than $200 to restore the domain if you are unable to renew it during the grace period.

Orange Soft Bd Provides Domain Registration In Bangladesh, Management, and Renewal Quick, Easy, and Reasonably Priced. Bangladesh’s Largest Domain Extension Registration Service Provider.