Learn About Bangladesh Domain While You Work from Home

Learn About Bangladesh Domain While You Work from Home

What is a Bangladesh domain?  A domain or domain name is the accurate location of a website. In other words, if we imagine the internet as a vast map and your website is home. Then your domain name is the address of your home. Every website has its IP address and an IP address is a string of numbers that is a little tough to memorize. A domain name is easier than an IP address; anyone can memorize and type it.

If you want to purchase a domain name for launching your website, portfolio, or blog anything, you can purchase it from https://orangesoftbd.com. We provide cheap and reasonable domain service for your amazing website. Let’s know in more detail about the top Bangladesh domain and their services in Bangladesh.

A domain is a group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures. Within the Internet, domains are defined by the IP address, which is a unique set of numbers that directs a certain amount of traffic to a specific website or server.

What is a Bangladesh domain name?

We are trying to clarify what the actual domain name is through an example:


https= prefix

orangesoftbd= domain name

.com= domain extension

Besides this, there is a subdomain WWW which stands for WORLD-WIDE WEB. It contains your website’s homepage and most important pages.

Top Domain Name Extension in Bangladesh

Top Bangladesh domain extensions:

There are 5 most popular domain extensions. They are discussed below:

1. .com extension

The .com extension is one of the most popular domain extensions or top-level domain (TLD) extensions. Here .com stands for “commercial”. Initially, it started its journey as an e-commerce site but now it has gained so much popularity. Even half of the websites on the internet use this domain extension. This extension is user-friendly and easy to find out and type.

For example https://orangesoftbd.com

2. .net extension

The .net stands for “network”. You should use a .net extension for your business that provides the services like website hosting, internet, database, or like collaboration tools. It is popular with network operators and the advertising sector and often used as an alternative to .com.

For example https://yourperfectdomain.net

 3. .org extension

.org full form is the “organization” and the generic type is a top-level domain (TLD). It was the original domain established in 1985 and has been operated by the Public Interest Registry since 2003. This site is nonprofit; mostly used by non-commercial entities; personal sites; some government websites etc.

For example  https://en.m.wikipedia.org

 4. .co extension

.co stands for “company” or “corporation” and is a top-level domain. This extension is credible and trustworthy. If the .com version is not available, you can choose .co without any doubt. This extension has special merit in that if you ever think about expanding your business globally, you will not be stuck with a country with a specific domain. You can enhance your business internationally.

For example https://yourperfectdomain.co

 5. .us extension

.us is the internet country code top-level domain for the United States and was established in early 1985. It is the official country code of the United States. When you will buy us. the domain you can promote your website as American. You can use this domain extension for business purposes, family blogs, or personal use.

For example  https://mattressrankings.us

Most popular Bangladesh domain service provider:

Orange Soft BD

Do you need a site with a lot of traffic and a reasonably priced domain name? Then I must say that this company is suitable for your domain name. Domain extensions price is given below:

  • .com = 1250 tk
  • .net = 1250 tk
  • .org = 1250 tk
  • .biz = 1499 tk
  • .bd = 1500 tk

(all prices per year)

The exceptional qualities of orange soft as a service provider!

  • Autoupdates: We update WordPress core and plugins so that your site may be secured and protected.
  • Account Isolation: For any type of your account we will keep it safe and sound.
  • Optimized Software: The software we install on our machines is only used for optimizing speed.
  • Daily Backups: Our team members keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your WordPress site.
  • Unlimited Email Addresses create facility: We provide the facilities that you can create as much as email addresses and email forwards as you need.
  • Protection of your server level: If there is any vulnerable problem, we fix it and develop server-level fixes.
  • Free support: We are always at your service at any time or at any hour. It may be day or night 24/7 days, but we are ready for your safety and protection.
  • Money Back guarantees within 30 days: If it happens that you are not satisfied with our service just simply cancel within 30 days.
  • Payment Method: Bkash, Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer.
  • Media of Contact: You can contact us via live chat, phone, email, or Skype.
  • WHATS AAP: If you need any help this whats app number is always open for you +8801751002628


Create your online identity by registering your domain name in Namecheap. Even if your name is registered somewhere, you can transfer your domain name freely here. Two-factor authentication is available in Namecheap along with SSL certificates, Premium DNS, VPN, etc.

Why you will choose Namecheap?

Team members are appointed for your security service. This service providers give you 24/7 privacy and security service. Any time you can get help.


Since 2000, they are helping their customers to find suitable domains for the customer. After registering a domain name, they provide host design, manage your site, and more.

The domain extensions price is given below:

  • .com: Most popular and professional domain extension for any kind of website and you can choose.

Starting at $ 9.99

  • . net: This extension is for your growing network and business.

beginning at $ 12.99

  • .org: If you are an organizer you can choose for your organization site.

Starting at $ 8.99

  • .tech: Show yourself before the whole world at the forefront of today’s tech scene with the best category domain that they provide.

beginning at $ 6.99

  • .me: It is a personal domain extension for your website. Express yourself before your visitors by purchasing this domain extension.

Starting at $ 3.99

  • .co: Do you have any company? If you have, you can purchase this domain that’s globally recognized and memorable.

Starting at $ 27.99

Final Word

After reading this research paper, you may be known what is actually domain, domain extension, domain extension provider, and more. Which extension means? Which extension is perfect for your website? With so much information and examples.

Now you have a clear idea about this. First, choose the perfect domain extension for your perfect website. Then go for searching which provider can satisfy you with their service. Then register your domain name in a specific company. And now let your website grow. Happy journey to your website!

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