Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

Domain Hosting Company – We offer domain and web hosting services in Bangladesh and other countries. You can use our service if you require domain hosting for your company’s website. For our clients, we provide a reliable, high-quality domain hosting service. For a few years, we’ve been providing domain hosting services. We have a large number of clients in Bangladesh, as well as international clients. Our primary focus is Bangladesh, where we hope to establish a solid presence as a Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh. Below are some of the key benefits that we offer to our clients.

Orange Soft BD is a top Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

The following are the features of our domain:

1. We offer top-level domains at a moderate cost.

2. You can purchase a domain name from our website.

3. You will be able to pay for your domain registration in Bangladeshi Taka.

4. We will provide you with a comprehensive control panel for your domain.

5. Your domain will be managed through your domain control panel.

6. We offer round-the-clock customer service for any issue.

7. Using our domain administration panel, you can host your domain with any firm.

8. Every year, we pay the same fee to renew our domain.

9. You can transfer your domain from us at any moment if you wish.

The following are the features of our Hosting:

1. Hosting Packages: We provide a variety of hosting options. You will be able to make your selection based on your requirements. We provide hosting packages ranging from 500MB to Unlimited.

2. Disk space: We offer our clients a range of disk space options, from restricted to infinite. You can select the amount of hosting disk space you require based on your requirements.

3. Monthly bandwidth: We offer various monthly bandwidth settings for each hosting package.

4. Package Upgrade: You can upgrade your package at any time if you require extra hosting space or bandwidth.

5. 99.9% uptime: Our hosting server is extremely reliable. Our clients can count on a 99.9% uptime guarantee from us. You can use our service by checking our server uptime.

6. Unlimited plan: We provide our clients an unlimited usage hosting service. This is a truly unrestricted package. You will be able to use a limitless amount of disk space, monthly bandwidth, email, and domains, among other things.

7. Support: For our clients, we have a competent support team.

Our valuable clients can rely on us for the above features. Quality is never compromised for any reason.  We are one of the most popular and unique Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh.

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