What Exactly is BDIX Hosting?

What Exactly is BDIX Hosting?

BDIX Hosting – BDIX is Bangladesh’s leading Internet exchange point (IXP) service. Hosting by BDIX. To avoid international routing, local data connects to approximately 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers. It creates a virtual network through which you can easily transfer any file from their server in a fraction of the time. And at a much faster rate. This network’s server is known as bdix web hosting.

Who is required to use BDIX Hosting?

Business Organizations or Services based in Bangladesh should use BDIX Hosting. Such as local e-commerce, newspapers, and a variety of service providers.

In Bangladesh, who uses BDIX Hosting?

For speed and performance, most Bangladeshi e-commerce and newspaper websites already use bdix web hosting.

Why Should You Purchase in BDIX Hosting?

BDIX Hosting is primarily used by those who have Bangladesh-based websites. You should purchase bdix web hosting for e-commerce websites in Bangladesh because the country’s commerce industry is not yet up to international standards. E-commerce companies can only do business in Bangladesh, and they have not yet been able to expand into international e-commerce. Bengali news and magazine companies in Bangladesh can use BDIX hosting because 90 percent of Bengali news and magazine readers are Bangladeshis. Furthermore, bdix web hosting can produce positive results for Bangla blog websites.

The Advantages of BDIX Hosting in Bangladesh

It conserves international bandwidth.

BDIX Connectivity will help you save international bandwidth on your server. It appears to use local bandwidth. It means that when one ISP user sends a file to another ISP user, the data does not have to travel outside of the country.

Latency is low.

If you have BDIX connectivity, your site will have extremely low latency. In the case of Local Traffic, data from the source ISP is routed to the BDIX, which then routes the data to the destination ISP. The latency will be between 7 and 9 milliseconds.

Large Data Volume

If you need to transfer large amounts of data, BDIX Connectivity can help. You will get the best transfer rate because of Inter Exchange. BDIX currently offers 1 Gbps connectivity. This will provide you with the highest High Data Volume Transfer rate.


BDIX will support redundancy if you have it. If your international connection is disrupted, BDIX will assist you in keeping your service operational. BDIX Connectivity is currently running on a solid platform with a 99.999 percent uptime.

The Disadvantages of BDIX Hosting

Despite these benefits, BDIX hosting has some drawbacks, including:

BDIX Hosting should not be used for sites with a global audience. Because the latency of BDIX servers and USA servers is naturally higher in Bangladesh, BDIX servers and USA will have lower latency.

Using Cloudflare’s free version at BDIX slows down performance because Cloudflare’s free version does not provide full CDN service; instead, it provides a proxy service. Don’t bother with speed.

Some ISPs occasionally block external BDIX networks in order to increase AdSense revenue on their FTP, or BDIX configures errors that cause temporary visits from many ISPs, despite the fact that they must fix this. This issue cannot be ignored for long.

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