.bd Country Top Level BTCl Domain

.bd Country Top Level BTCl Domain

Bangladesh’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is.com.bd. The Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum is in charge of running it.


The domain was established in October 2006 as a result of the expansion of second-level domains. Only second-level domains, like.com and.net, were accessible before this.

Bangladeshis and businesses having a presence in Bangladesh are the targeted users of the domain. You need to have legitimate business documentation, such as a trade license, an NID, or a passport, in order to register a.com.bd domain.

Because it gives businesses and organizations with an international presence a local presence, the.com.bd domain is popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis who reside overseas also favor the.com.bd name since it allows them to maintain ties to their native country.

Pricing for btcl and com.bd domains


1. How to Register a Domain

 Please send an email to [email protected]. with the domain name you want to register. If the domain is available for registration, we’ll email you back with more information.

2. Price of domain registration

Please send an email to [email protected]. with the domain name you want to register. If the domain is available for registration, we’ll email you back with more information.

3. How to Register & Timeline

After receiving the required documentation, the.bd domain registration process can take between 24 and 48 hours to complete..

4. Documents to be submitted

  1. If the registrant is an individual, a passport or national ID is necessary.
  2. Uploading the forwarding letter from the relevant authority and any other required documents is required for.gov,.mil, and.tv domains (i.e .tv approval letter from ministry of Information).
  3. For.edu and.ac, you will require an authorisation letter or other document from the relevant authorities (such as the Ministry of Education, the Technical Board, the Education Board, or the UGC).
  4. A letter of approval or other document from the NGO bureau, the ministry of social welfare, etc. is required for.org.
  5. If any discrepancies are discovered in the data, BTCL is entitled to the right to cancel, change, or remove the domain.

BTCL Domain Registration

We complete BTCL domain processing in 1-2 business days. You can present your business to the world with a distinctive identity and brand by purchasing a.bd domain. The BD domain will raise your SEO standing in Bangladesh and give you a credibility boost with your customers. We set up your domain registration with BTCL and give you access to a complete domain management interface.

Domain checker & Registration for BTCL:

  1. We have a domain checker for BTCL. From our website, you can order a BTCL Bd domain along with hosting plans.
  2. Email the BTCL necessary documentation.

BTCL.BD Domain Registration Requires the Following Documents:

 Only applicable for.info.bd domains, personal websites/blogs require submission of a scan of an NID card. Business Website: BD Trade License Photocopy (Trade License Name must Match Website’s.com.bd Domain Name) Website of an NGO: permission photocopy Educational establishments/MPO Schools, Colleges, and Madrasahs: Nabayan authorization copies must be provided by boards, and forwarding letters must be sent. Government college or university: application on letterhead, with the seal and signature of the relevant department or institute head…

.com.bdIntended for Business and commercial purposes
.org.bdIntended for Not-for-profit entities
.info.bdOnly people can register this domain, which is for personal names.
.edu.bdBangladesh Educational institute, college and universities
.gov.bdRestricted to Government

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New Domain AvailableDomain Coming Soon

Dot BD Domain Registration

Cyber world provides .com.bd, .net.bd, .org.bd, .edu.bd etc. domain extension via BTCL .

Registration Procedure & Time Duration

Cyber world provides the .bd Top Level Domain(TLD) extension belonging to Government institute under “Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board”, We are maintaining some procedure for registration .com.bd,net.bd,org.bd etc. following below. Submit your voter ID photocopy.

Reasonable Cost

We provide a .bd domain with a reasonable price. For .bd domain registration price is Tk.$46. You can compare other companies for registration .bd domain.

What You Need for Domain Registration

For every domain registration: You must provide your institute’s approval papers and write a letter to the BTCL director in your institute letterhead.

How To Get Started With Us

Step 1: Search for a domain

You can find your domain name by searching for it.

Step 2: Meet Your Team

We offer a variety of domain registration packages

Step 3: Payment is the

You will need to pay us after selecting the Domain Register Package.


We are your very trusted partner for btcl domain services in Bangladesh. Our Experienced team helps you 24/7. If You need your personal domain services, grt in touch with us!

FAQs for Btcl Domain Registration


What is the.com.bd domain names’ permitted registration period?

For two years,.com.bd domain names are accessible (s).

What is the time frame for registering a.com.bd domain name?

During general availability,.com.bd domain registration takes place within 3-5 business days.

How do I host my domain name ending in.com.bd?

ExonHost.com provides email and hosting for.com.bd domains. At checkout, you can acquire hosting, email service, and SSL certificates. Hosting Package for BDIX Hosting by BDIX

Can I hide my registration information (Private Registration)?

No, the.com.bd domain zone currently does not offer a way to conceal the identity of the domain owner. Name, address, email, and other details may all be revealed in WHOIS, in full or in part.

What is the.com.bd domain name’s grace period?

For country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), including Internationalized Domain Names, different grace periods apply (IDN). Before the domain name expires, some registries require renewal up to 60 days in advance. Regardless of the domain name expiration date, it is your duty to pay your renewal fees in advance of the deadline set by 101domain. Your.com.bd domain will need to be renewed for $150 if your renewal fees are not paid by the deadline. Between the time the domain expires and the time it may be registered once more, there might be a restore period. If you don’t pay by the renewal date, your site could not be available during that period.


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