BDIX Hosting Price – Why Buy Cheap BDIX Hosting?

BDIX Hosting Price – Why Buy Cheap BDIX Hosting?

BDIX Web Hosting is designed in particular for owners of Bangladeshi newspapers, online stores, blogs, and websites. Powered by a high-caliber, dependable data center in Bangladesh. Orange Soft BD offers affordable web hosting for BDIX in Bangladesh. The most recent SSD Drives, the cPanel control panel, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 99% uptime guarantee are included with our BDIX web hosting services. In Bangladesh, Orange Soft BD offers cheap bdix hosting.

Orange Soft BD BDIX Hosting Packages

Three BDIX web hosting packages are available from Orange Soft BD Hosting, and you may choose to pay on a monthly, annual, two-year, or three-year basis. Each bundle includes features like Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificates, LiteSpeed Web Server, Hosting up to 10 Websites, and many more.

Learn more now about each package.


5 GB BDIX Hosting PriceYou can get 5 GB SSD storage, 1 website host, unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, email accounts, and many other resources with the BDT 299/month BDIX Starter package.

If you buy the package on a monthly basis, there is no discount. However, there is a 35% reduction if you buy it for a full year, two years, or three years.

There may be a pricing difference between Orange Soft BD Hosting’s package and the entry-level offerings from other providers, but Orange Soft BD Hosting offers additional services.

10 GB BDIX Hosting Price


The BDIX Silver package from Orange Soft BD Hosting includes 3 website hosting facilities and 10 GB of hosting space.

Due to the fact that a freshly launched website often does not require as much space, you will be able to upgrade to this package whenever your website traffic increases more than it did before.

Additionally, you get a 35% reduction off the annual cost.

30 GB BDIX Hosting Price



Running an online news portal typically necessitates having more space due to the daily addition of additional material and the rising number of visitors.

An appropriate choice for you in this situation would be a 30 GB BDIX hosting package.

You can host 10 websites here.

Why Should You Buy BDIX Hosting?

The majority of people who have websites with Bangladesh traffic use BDIX hosting. Because the Bangladeshi e-commerce sector is still developing and does not yet meet international standards, you should purchase Cheap BDIX hosting for your websites.

E-commerce businesses can only conduct this type of business in Bangladesh; they are not yet able to expand into the global e-commerce market. Because 90% of Bengali news and magazine readers are Bangladeshis, Bengali news magazine enterprises in Bangladesh are able to use BDIX hosting. Additionally, BDIX hosting can produce positive outcomes for Bangla blog websites.

5 Best Benefits of Using BDIX Hosting

The use of BDIX hosting comes with a lot of benefits. Let’s examine the primary advantages of BDIX hosting.

  • Bangladeshi network customers will be able to browse 200 times faster.
  • Due to the reduced latency, routing happens very quickly.
  • Every internet service provider even offers BDIX more bandwidth speed.
  • The website loads quite quickly because of Global’s 30 Mbps
  • This appointment will proceed normally.

Things to Think About Before Buying BDIX Hosting

 In Bangladesh, many organizations offer BDIX hosting.

However, if you want to use the best BDIX server, you should take a few factors into account before purchasing Cheap BDIX hosting. Let’s examine the things you ought to think about before purchasing BDIX.

1. Server Configuration

Be knowledgeable about server configuration before to hosting your website on the BDIX server. If you lack the necessary technological know-how, you will probably believe what the hosting company says. So pick a reputable hosting company. You will receive assistance in all areas if you utilize the BDIX hosting service from Orange Soft BD Hosting because our technical experts will teach you everything.

2. Speed

You must pick the top bdix hosting company. The hosting uptime will determine if your website is operational. If a hosting company has a 99.9% uptime rate, that is considered to be good. The required uptime is actually guaranteed by Orange Soft BD Hosting, therefore you may utilize our BDIX hosting without risk.

3. Support

One of the most important aspects of BDIX hosting is it. Since this is a technical matter, you should seek the company’s assistance if your hosting encounters any issues. So make sure to pick a hosting provider that offers prompt, high-quality service. Orange Soft BD Hosting is the best option in this circumstance since, as promised, we offer customer service around-the-clock.

Why is Orange Soft BD’s Cheap Bdix Hosting Best?

In 2014, Orange Soft BD started offering hosting and domain services. They distinguish themselves from others based on their unique traits. The best uptime, security, and appropriate speed are all guaranteed by them for your website.

You are probably aware of the company’s reputation among customers for prompt support provided by Orange Soft BD Hosting. Depending on your preference, you can pay. Although they use SSLCommerz, the most well-liked and secure payment gateway, they do not add on any extra fees for it. You can first try out Orange Soft BD Hosting’s BDIX hosting bundle for a week without paying for it.

Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that will protect your investment. You will receive a full refund of your money if you are not happy with their service. Of fact, Orange Soft BD Hosting’s BDIX package pricing may appear reasonable to you, but they are a little higher than those of other providers. Orange Soft BD Hosting’s price is comparably low, in our opinion, because they offer


Your target market is Bangladeshis, BDIX hosting is a fantastic option. Numerous websites are hosted every day with a local audience in mind. When a website’s primary target market is Bangladeshis, BDIX hosting is a godsend. An instant connection to the server is made when Bangladeshi users access a website on the BDIX network.

The website will load quickly, just as it would if you were using a PC. Consequently, you want to purchase from the top organization whenever you can afford to pay more. Every Cheap BDIX hosting plan from Orange Soft BD Hosting comes with incredible features at cost-effective prices. Thus, Orange Soft BD Hosting is advised if you want to buy the service without sacrificing quality.

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