Which One You Can Purchase Between- Domain Versus Hosting?

Which One You Can Purchase Between- Domain Versus Hosting?

If you want to create a website you’ll have to follow some specific rules. Domain and hosting are among these rules. When you build up a website you need to connect with them. Most of us think that only a domain name is enough for our website. 

To beginners, it is tough to find out the separation between domain and hosting. Are they the same or enough of them for your website? You have to gain knowledge about the domain and hosting before creating a website. We are now going to discuss both of them.

Domain Versus Hosting: 

If you want to buy and know the necessity of domain and hosting, first you need to know- what is domain and hosting?

Definition Of Domain Name:

We can simply say that a domain is a website address. Okay, let us know you more easily. For example, suppose you have a mobile phone and you have a big contract list. When you want to call someone, you go to the contact list and simply search for her/ his name. Look, you do not need to type the full number.

So, the domain name is something like that. There are millions rather more websites. When you create one, you have an IP address. So, through the domain name, you and your viewers can find out your website instead of typing or remembering the IP address.

Definition Of Web Hosting:

Suppose you build a house. To establish this house you need land, where your house stands. Like this, you need a particular space to build your website. And this space is called website hosting.

Website hosting is a store or space, where all your data, information, and file are saved safely. When you purchase hosting, the provider delivers all your data to those who search for it.

Which One You Can purchase?

Many people think that domain hosting is the same. But domain and hosting are different services. If you think that you can build a website by selecting one of them, it’ll never be possible. So, if you want to establish a website you’ll need both of them.

Domain Name:

When you buy a domain name, You have permission to use only your specific domain name for a particular time. But without a hosting site, you have no data or information to distribute to the viewers. Some hosting companies offer a free domain name when you buy a hosting site.

If you want to work or become popular online, you must get a domain name for your website. Without it, you can’t reach the viewers. Your website becomes familiar with the people through this domain name.

Web Hosting:

Without web hosting, you never create your website. Because you need to store your information, image, data, file. So, you need rental website space where you stock them. But only web hosting is not enough for your website. You have to buy a domain name to publicity the website. 

There are different types of web hosting services. Various companies provide different services with attractive offers. You have to choose one, as your needs and budget.


domain versus hosting
From this website, you will find the difference between domain and hosting


  • You can purchase domain names and web hosting from the same company or a different company.

  • If you buy from a different company, then you’ll have to change your domain name setting. You can easily change it with their instructions.

  • If you buy from a similar company you’ll never have to change the domain name settings.

  • According to their services, domain and hosting prices are different. ORANGESOFTBD  is a domain hosting company. They offer attractive packages at low prices. You can visit their website through this link- orangesoftbd.com. more websites like that are Namecheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.

  • When you purchase a hosting site or domain, you must keep in mind their security, stability and ability.

So,  both are important to build up a website. If you want to buy a domain name ignoring the hosting site, you’ll never create a website. Again, if you want to build a website to purchase web hosting without a domain, this will also never be possible.

So,  Both are most important to establish a website. That is why you need to pay for both of them. We are trying to clear the confusion and to understand their importance. For any questions, you can ask us through the comments. Thanks for reading!


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