We Are The Leading Provider Of WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

We Are The Leading Provider Of WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

You can have enhanced performance and quick loading times by selecting a reputable WordPress hosting in Bangladesh. Choose a web hosting provider that can guarantee the security of your website whenever you start a new website. Most of the time, we prioritize money over quality services, which is more advantageous. We cannot overlook the reality that the WordPress website is more prone to hackers.


You will come across various words that could mislead you while you are choosing a web hosting provider in Bangladesh.

WordPress Hosting: What is it?

To support WordPress websites, WordPress hosting is specialized. According to plans and service providers, different features will be available. One-click installation, automatic WordPress core upgrades, and other general features are included.

WordPress websites are capable of operating with the bare minimum. MySQL 5.0.15 and PHP 5.2.4 or later must be supported by the hosting service.

Important Note: WordPress hosting is a specialized service that is created to launch the functionality needed to run the site efficiently rather than being a need to run a WordPress website.

Main Types of WordPress Hosting That Are Available

The hosting company must optimize the software needed to run the sites more quickly, decreasing load time. The following are the most typical hosting service categories:

1. WordPress Hosting for Shared Accounts

If you’re hesitant to sign up for a more expensive plan, this kind of hosting is advantageous. The website you prefer to host is easier to use and has been optimized for WordPress-related technology. Other websites can access the server’s resources as well. The automatic update setting is active by default. You can, however, search for extra firewall protection and other programs. It is a host-centric service.

2. Controlled WordPress Hosting

More than 80% of popular WordPress websites prefer to use managed WordPress hosting as their hosting solution. The service offers web space that is hosted by a dedicated server. The website is set up with shared servers, cloud servers, or even VPS hosting. You will have more control over the server while using this form of hosting. However, the individual team must also keep an eye on and oversee server activity.

What Are the Hosting Requirements for WordPress for Bangladesh Websites?

WordPress hosting is the newest craze in Bangladesh. The entrepreneurs seek reliable and secure web hosting. The provider of the service must consider the specific needs of each site when acquiring such a hosting service. On the three determining parameters, the overall optimized hosting is evaluated.

1. Speed:

The website must operate quickly and load pages quickly to keep users interested. A negative user experience and a lower search engine ranking are both caused by slow loading times.

2. Uptime:

Verify that the hosting service provider is keeping the uptime, which is typically 99%, before choosing them. Search for a solution that has the capability to reroute your website to a working server in the event of backups and scheduled maintenance.

3. Support:

You need to be aware that websites can be compromised by malware and exposed to vulnerabilities if you run a WordPress website. The most delicate and important process is the one that installs the plugin on a WordPress website.

5 Important Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your WordPress site may seem like a difficult endeavor, but once you are aware of some of the benefits and drawbacks, it will become much simpler.

1. WordPress experts

Most hosting companies offer some sort of assistance, but if you use a managed WordPress service, you can be certain that their support team is fully conversant in WordPress and are experts in it in addition to understanding it.

2. Better performance

It is a big plus that a managed WordPress host’s complete tech stack is tuned for the WordPress experience. Your website ought to be less prone to errors, downtime, and slow loading than it is currently.

3. SSL certificates

The ease of installation and accessibility of SSL certificates for all website owners was made possible in large part by managed hosting companies. Many managed WordPress hosting choose to provide free SSL certificates since it’s considered an online best practice (instead of charging for them).

4. Resell hosting

This is something that managed WordPress service providers are aware of, and they actively push you to do.

Referral programs (which reward you for bringing in more customers), partner programs (which offer additional resources to help your business flourish), and occasionally even add-ons created especially to facilitate the reselling workflow, are all frequently seen.

5. Site management

Your website will always be running the most recent version of WordPress thanks to a managed WordPress server’s handling of updates and tidy interface for accessing your sites.

Important Factors to Choosing a WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

You should search for WordPress Hosting plans and features that can fit into your budget and offer expandable service whether you’re a blogger, small-business owner, web designer, or developer. A competitive service provider for WordPress websites must offer the following features:

1. Simple Installer

A one-click installer makes data uploading incredibly simple, allowing you to go live in minutes with both an active blog and an active company website.

2. Solid State Disks

The infrastructure and cutting-edge technology must be implemented on the hosting server. Your website will run 20X faster thanks to modern technologies like solid state drives (SSDs).

3. Discovery & Clean-up

To manage WordPress websites, security software and malware scanners are essential. A regular clean-up service is beneficial to prevent frequent hacks, which are frequent for WordPress websites.

4. Backups

Some hosting companies charge extra for backup and restore services. Additionally, shared hosting limits frequent changes. As a result, when a plan is being finalized, be sure to have a system for automatic database backups.

5. WordPress Development

Developers have increased control over apps thanks to Git version control, WP-CLI, SSH/SFTP, and phpMyAdmin access. In addition to cost, check the boxes on the checklist when looking for WordPress hosting.

WordPress Web Hosting Plan Perfect for You!


TK. 1400 /Per Year




TK. 4200 /Per Year


WORDPRESS PLAN 3TK. 9800 /Per YearNVMe SPACE Unlimited

WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

In addition to WordPress Cloud Interface, which makes traditional web hosting less complicated by improving usability, Orange Soft BD offers its customers simple-to-manage hosting choices for unconstrained, rapid growth.

With many satisfied clients, Orange Soft BD is without a doubt among the best WordPress hosting companies in Bangladesh. We make sure that the WordPress websites of our customers continue to run well on our servers with the help of a team of devoted support representatives and knowledgeable hosting specialists.


WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh has several benefits, as you can see from the information above, and it should unquestionably be taken into consideration for WordPress sites of all sizes.

Please feel free to get in touch with us or leave your comments below if you have any queries or need any clarification on the advantages of WordPress hosting. We will read them with pleasure and get back to you.

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