Why You Choose BDIX VPS For Your Company

Why You Choose BDIX VPS For Your Company

The key benefit of BDIX VPS is that Bangladeshi customers can view any site on the BDIX network without having to go through international routing. Bangladeshi users will be able to access the webpage hosted on this server up to 200 times faster. Another benefit is that your site will remain accessible even if Bangladesh’s international internet service is unavailable. Even if your user’s internet connection is slow, visitors will be able to navigate the site normally. To prevent international routing, local data is connected to around 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers.

BDIX Web Hosting is the server that is covered by this network. Every internet provider has mobile operators, and BDIX’s Extra Bandwidth Speed allows you to reach the biggest number of clients while keeping your site running quickly. If the global network speed is 100 Mbps and the BDIX bandwidth is up to 1 Gbps. As a result, the page loads really quickly.

Advantages of BDIX VPS

One of the main advantages of BDIX VPS hosting is that all of the resources on your server are allocated completely to your company. Most times, a VPS will provide you with more benefits than shared hosting. Do not share your CPU, RAM, storage space, or bandwidth with other customers.

Cost and Affordability

Although VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it is less expensive than dedicated hosting. When you compare the advantages of shared hosting vs VPS hosting, it’s easy to see why a VPS is so beneficial, especially when you consider VPS hosting as a mind.

The Safety of BDIX VPS

The most secure hosting option is shared hosting. This isn’t to say that shared hosts aren’t concerned about security. Most shared host systems put in a lot of effort to patch and secure their systems. However, due to the large number of clients accessing the server via Plesk, cPanel, or InterWorx, shared hosting security has been compromised. If a client’s password is weak and the server is hacked, the entire server is at risk. A VPS, on the other hand, does not have any of these disadvantages. For one thing, a server with a small number of admins (root) users (i.e., fewer customers) has a lower risk of being hacked. Customers of VPS hosting can also benefit from the usage of virtualization technology to keep their data distinct from that of other users. Finally, firewalls (WAFs), spam filters, and other security measures are used by online applications.

Software and operating system independence

You may typically choose the operating system you want with a VPS. You can choose from the best-operating systems available, such as Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, or Debian. The same may be said for server software.

Who is making use of

The BDIX server is used by all Bangladeshi banks and financial organizations. For speed and performance, BDIX hosting is already used by eCommerce and newspaper websites. Unlike hosting in the United States and the United Kingdom, Bangladeshi BDIX VPS hosting has a response time of 1 to 10 milliseconds. So, how much faster can BDIX hosting be than hosting in the United States or the United Kingdom? The faster your website loads, the closer it is to that location or network. Traffic routing is extremely quick due to minimizing latency. BDIX Web Hosting has a total bandwidth of 10 Gbps.

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